Time well spent
Dec. 8, 2014
by Jenni Sebora

Yes, I did make my way out for Black Friday shopping, or blue Thursday shopping, or whatever they will change the name to.

However, I was unwilling to compromise our Thanksgiving celebration. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family – good food, great laughs, conversation, and lots of love.

At about 10 p.m., we packed the family “bus” with my two daughters, two high school nieces, and our youngest daughter.

This was our youngest’s first year of what will be many that she will attend. She will bring friends along for a festive occasion, and that is really what it is.

We headed to Eden Prairie Center. They were talking and laughing the whole way, I was listening to them, and, as always, listening to holiday music on 107.9 radio – Christmas music all the time.

There were no long lines and no huge crowds, so it was fantastic. We got some bargains, and, of course, we were hungry, as we had burned off our huge turkey meals by 1 in the morning. There was one pizza place open in the food court, and that was good with us. The special was two extra-large pizzas for the price of one.

My son and some of his friends also made their way to the mall, and we met them in the food court, as well.

So, here we are with about a dozen of us, eating pizza at about 2 in the morning, with Christmas lights shining and music playing, and really no crowds. It was awesome.

We continued with our tradition of hot cocoa and mochas at McDonald’s after our shopping extravaganza.

The ride home found the teenagers snoozing, the younger ones chatting away, and me smiling about Thanksgiving, our black Thursday and Friday experience, and dreaming of my bed.

The tradition of “all the kids come over after shopping” to watch movies they purchased at deal prices continued. In the midst of the movie marathon, they all fall asleep, and when they get up, food is on their minds. Off to breakfast the older ones go. All part of the tradition. Well, it really is a brunch, but no one cares what you call it.

There really is enjoyment in spending time with our youth, and a gift to them is spending time, whether it is a midnight trip to a mall for some craziness and pizza, or conversing about their day. It is time well spent.

Garrison Keillor wrote, “When we are new, and when we are fresh and young, our hearts are very open in a way that they may never again be the rest of our lives – so that the impressions that are made on us and the good that is done for us, the kindness and generosity by which a child lives, are never forgotten. Never forgotten.

“Nothing that you do for a child is ever wasted. Ever. You may never know exactly what that child saw, or how that child received it, but any gift you give a young person is permanent. It is more permanent than this building, because it is then given to other people and is as permanent as we know.”

May we all remember – especially as we are in the midst of this holiday season – the time of giving. The best gift we really can give is the gift of time spent with a child, youth, or teen.

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