Someone is watching you
March 17, 2014
by Dr. Phil Geoffrion, pastor; Albion Free Church, rural Cokato

It seems to be easier to give advice than to take it, doesn’t it?

It’s easier to tell other people what they should do than to put it into practice in our own lives. This is human nature.

That’s why it isn’t easy to be a consistent Christian. But, people are watching us to see if our lives back up what we say we believe.

They notice how we conduct ourselves when we play sports, especially when our children play sports and we feel they’re not put in often enough, or when the ref makes a call we think is bad.

They notice how we act and react when there is a conflict at school or on the job, or when there is an ethical decision to make.

Sally was only 8 years old when she asked Jesus into her heart, but she didn’t stop fighting with her sister, or being mean to her brother, or pouting, stamping her foot and whining every time her mother asked her to do something.

Greg was in junior high when he received Christ, but he thought it was cool to continue swearing, telling dirty jokes, and using drugs. He wanted to remain popular with the guys.

Susanne was two different people. At church, she looked like a fine Christian teenager. But if the truth were known, she was sexually active, abusing alcohol, and lying to her folks about it all.

Jane was in her 20s when she came to Christ, but because she felt she was being mistreated at work, she rationalized that it was okay to gossip about her employers and steal from the company. Her coworkers didn’t see any difference in her life at all!

Robert was a born-again businessman who told everyone he had dedicated his business to the Lord, yet he excused his cheating on taxes, his dishonesty with customers, and his drive to get ahead at all costs by simply saying, “That’s the way we have to do business in the 21st century.”

Whether or not we are aware of it, or like it, people are watching to see if Christianity really does make a difference; if it’s authentic; if it’s worth believing in. With God’s help and your determination, make every effort to live out the faith you profess.

To use some well-known sayings: “Let your lip and life match.” “Let your walk and talk be consistent.” “Practice what you preach.” “Put your faith into action.”

Or, as it says in the Bible, “Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” (Matthew 5.16).

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