You mean, it was me?
May 5, 2014
by Pastor Joe Midthun, All Saints Lutheran Church, Darwin

A couple months ago, my father, Eric, wrote this. I hope it rings as true for you as it does for me.

A Simple Truth

Sometimes, something gets lost. It might be your phone, or your cup or water bottle, or your mp3 player, or your keys, or your purse, or something like that. You can’t remember where you left it.

After searching for a while, you become frustrated or angry and may begin to suspect someone of moving it, or even of taking it.

When someone helps you find it, they will usually say things like, “Could it be in your car? Could it be in a bag? Did you check the pocket of your jacket? Under your bed, under a pillow on the couch?”

And, you will usually insist, “No, I did not leave it in the car. I did not put it in a bag, or on the couch, or in my coat.”

You will eventually find it where you were sure you had not left it – and this leads me to the simple truth that if you can’t remember where you left something, then you probably can’t remember where you didn’t leave it.

It seems obvious, yet we never learn this simple truth. This is why we waste so much time insisting on things that are not true, like who we are and who we married; and what God did or did not do.

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