How can we enjoy God?
June 9, 2014
by Fr. Brian Mandel, Church of St John, Darwin

When a child misbehaves, sometimes parents tell the child, “Go to your room!” This can be a way to bring calm to a situation when a child takes the time to think about what he or she has done, and eventually come out, after making an apology or making up for the misbehavior. It also gives parents time out to think things through.

In our Christian tradition, we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit in Pentecost. In the experience of the early Christians, the Holy Spirit came to the people who were gathered in an upper room. The Holy Spirit called them out of their room to proclaim the good news that God lives, Jesus lives here and now. They were inspired to speak in many languages the good news of the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit calls each of us to, “Get out of our room!” We have opportunities every day to bring the loving presence of God to the world through Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit. We proclaim that God lives in us and through us as we go about our lives.

We bring the good news of God’s presence by living as Jesus lived. We forgive one another, we pray with and for one another, we feed the hungry, clothe the naked and care for our brothers and sisters in need. We show the world that we live for Jesus by living in Him as He lives in us.

There are countless ways to do this. As we do so, we make our homes, families, work, school, and everywhere we are a room where God dwells.

What will inspire us to get out of our rooms and bring this presence of God to everyone we meet every moment of every day?

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