A time to savor God's gifts
September 29, 2014
by Father Brian Mandel, St. John's Catholic Church, Darwin

There is much to be aware of during this time of the year. The trees and flowers are showing their splendor, and we are enjoying the fruits of the harvest and the bounty of the earth. We have much to be grateful for.

As we enjoy this bounty, I hope all of us can appreciate the source of all life and the source of all we have. God created everything and declared it all very good.

Human beings are called to be good stewards of the creation of God. We receive life from the bounty of the earth; we know the source of all things.

As we live our lives every day, I hope we can take some time to take it all in. Take time to walk in the colorful woods, breathe in the crisp fresh air, and take in the beauty of creation. Enjoy the fruits of the harvest.

It is great to enjoy the fruits of the season as we acknowledge the source of life and every blessing. Savor the life God gives.

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