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Constituent posts video of councilman online
Oct. 20, 2014

By Gabe Licht

A Delano man who posted a video of Delano Councilman Dan Vick during a campaign stop says all he ever wanted was privacy.

On Oct. 10, Sean Casey uploaded a video of Vick stopping by his home while campaigning for re-election in the neighborhood Oct. 8.

The surveilence video footage shows Vick with a handful of pamphlets. After reading a sign on the door, Vick muttered an obsenity and walked away.

A caption on the video reads, “I had a NO SOLICITING sign up,” but the text on the sign is not visible in the video.

Vick said the sign included profanities. After walking to a neighboring house, he returned to take a picture of the sign, which has since been removed.

The next caption in the video reads, “I told Dan Vick to get off my property, he refused. I asked him if I needed to call the sheriff?”

Another portion of the video from another angle shows Vick responding by saying, “Go ahead,” along with an obsenity. The timestamp on that video shows it was taken nearly two minutes after the first clip.

Vick declined comment except to say, “I don’t want to act holier than thou. I said what I said. I probably should have responded differently.”

When Casey was asked to comment on the video, he said via email, “I would be happy to discuss this stalking and harassing encounter with Councilman Vick with you, or anyone else for that matter, if my family is left alone after.”

Casey stood by the legitimacy of the videos.

“I have the true events timestamped on my security cameras that surround my home,” Casey continued. “The video doesn’t lie.”

Casey filed a police report against Vick, but that report will not be available until after the Wright County Attorney’s Office decides whether or not charges should be filed.

Casey said he wanted nothing more than to protect his privacy and the privacy of his family in his home and on his property.

“My focus is, and has always been, on my family first,” Casey said in a later email.

“I have no further comments at this time and hope to never deal with Mr. Vick or his problems ever again,” Casey said. “I’m hoping this is a dead issue and a restraining order will not be needed in the future. I would like what I have always wanted, which is privacy.”

The video, which has been viewed about 1,300 times as of Friday, remains posted online but comments have been disabled.

Due to the language in the video, the Delano Herald Journal is not including a link to it.

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