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Delano Farmers Market is fresh for another season
May 19, 2014

By Matt Kane
Sports Editor

DELANO — When it comes to fresh food, the farmers market is the place to go.

The Delano Farmers Market has been back in the Flippin’ Bills parking lot for the past two weeks, its venders braving the cold weather to sell fresh breads, meats, jams, pies, cookies, plants and decorative items to locals and commutors alike.

“You can buy dinner here,” said Market Manager Deb Hoen, who says the market has been in Delano for close to 15 years.

Before setting up shop at Flippin’ Bills, the Delano American Legion parking lot was the spot.

The success of the market has to do with freshness.

“Fresh is just better,” said Hoen. And, if you can get seasonal food locally, that a treat.

Angela Kutscher of Delano stops at the market regularly with her 10-year-old daughter, Megan.

“We stop whenever there is a market because (Megan) likes to stop to see the goodies,” said Kutscher.

“I knew they would have candy,” Megan Kutcher admitted.

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This year’s market includes two new venders. Red Hawk Farm out of Medina offers customers organic plants, produce and baked goods. Lawyerboy’s Bakergirl out of Delano is stocked with homemade oversized cookies, breads, pies and melt-in-your-mouth butterhorns.

“I just wanted to try to see how it goes,” said Layerboy’s Bakergirl founder Brenda Carr, who is a new Delano resident. “It’s a way to be a part of the community.”

Carr, who is from Newburg, ND, is walking in her mother’s baking footsteps, and is using the market to showcase her products. Eventually, she would like to offer a customized baking service out of her home.

Red Hawk Farm’s Julie Humiston simply wanted an avenue to sell her products.

“Ther is no other famrmers market closer,” she said. “Delano is fun.”

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