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Home & Yard Feature: Terning Excavating & Grading
April 7, 2014

With spring upon us, Terning Excavating & Grading of Cokato is ready to start moving dirt once again.

Owner Nate Terning is carrying on the 40-year-old family business, which started with his father, Melvin, in the early 1970s.

Specializing in heavy equipment, “I’ve sat on machines since I was a little boy,” Terning commented.

Terning Excavating and Grading offers free estimates and handles everything from building driveways and roads to demolition of buildings. This includes developments, residential, and commercial property.

Manure pits, shed pads, and erosion control are also a large part of the business.

“There is no job too big or small,” Terning commented.

With a large customer base in agriculture, Terning Excavating can help improve efficiency in large livestock production by creative manure pits. This is a lagoon system that provides storage of manure.

“Instead of hauling manure once a day, it’s only once a year,” he commented.

The project was completed at Dutch Lake Dairy in Howard Lake, for which owner Russ Miller hired Terning to build a lagoon, a 7-million-gallon storage unit for manure. This holds manure for one year as opposed to hauling it daily to the nearby field, saving time and labor. It’s also environmentally friendly in that the lagoon eliminates much of the concern regarding run-off.

In conjunction with the lagoon, Terning built a sand lane beside it. This is 200 feet of concrete that recycles the sand bedding for the cows and separates it from manure.

Ninety percent of the sand can then be re-used for bedding, and the manure is collected in the lagoons.

According to Miller, Terning was instrumental in the project, from the design to the workmanship. “I don’t know what we would’ve done without him,” he commented.

“We pride ourselves on building infrastructure that will last a lifetime, and making sure our customers are satisfied with the results,” Terning commented. “We won’t leave until they are satisfied.”

Erosion control and wetland restoration is also a part of the business.

Last year, Terning Excavating worked with the Wright Soil and Water Conservation District on water and sediment control basins. This consists of creating small berms, typically in row crop areas, which cuts down on erosion as water is released at a slower rate through tiles.

For a free estimate, call (612) 366-0841.

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