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Local artist’s appreciation for nature found in paintings at Dassel shop
Dec. 1, 2014

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

Walking into l.louise Art and Home (formerly Seven Gables Gallery) along Highway 12 in Dassel, visitors will get a feel of owner and artist Lynda Peterson’s passion for nature.

Through her abstract oil paintings, Peterson shows her appreciation for nature.

“I try to convey my responses to God’s creation,” Peterson said.

“It’s just so amazing,” she added, noting there aren’t even two sunsets alike.

She grew up on a farm in northern Minnesota, and remembers going to get the cows through the woods.

“I can still visualize it,” she said.

She grew up with a sketchbook, noting that her mother always knew she would be an artist, since she was always drawing. Her parents allowed her to build her artistic abilities by exposing her to quality art and opportunities to attend classes.

While attending college at the University of Duluth, Peterson’s art guild went to Chicago.

A highlight for her was visiting the Chicago Art Institute, where she saw her first Monet water lily painting.

The founder of French Impressionist painting remains one of Peterson’s biggest influences today.

Moving to the Twin Cities after graduation, Peterson was able to sell some of her paintings before she spontaneously moved to Arizona.

Peterson met her future husband and spent the next five years in Arizona, as they began raising their family.

After moving back to Minnesota to be closer to her relatives, Peterson continued classes, but struggled to find her own style.

Peterson was again inspired during a three-week trip to Europe in 2007, visiting France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and England.

It was there that she was able to see many more works of art, including work by Monet, and realized how important and historical art is.

She found a renewed passion, and even explored other mediums, going from watercolor to oil paints.

Her style continues to be abstract, oftentimes with elements of nature as the focal point.

Peterson’s goal with her art continues to be “providing work that people can connect to on an emotional and spiritual level,” she said.

While she has paintings for sale in Twin Cities galleries, Peterson wanted to provide her work locally, as well.

“Doing research, I realized it’s important to have a local presence,” she said.

l.louise gives her that presence.

Named using her first initial and middle name, l.louise has also become a pseudonym for her exploratory work, which typically comes with a lower price point, she noted.

The shop also allows her a more neutral place to meet with clients for commissioned work, of which she does a fair amount.

“It’s more inviting to bring clients into the shop than into my basement,” Peterson said, of her studio space.

Now, she has a personal studio in one of the corners of the shop, where she finds comfort and inspiration.

l.louise also includes art created by Peterson’s four daughters, such as wall hangings, paintings, and other home decor.

This also allows them to provide customers with a variety of price points and styles.

The added home decor items helps customers visualize the artwork in their home, and perhaps gives them accent pieces to work with, Peterson noted.

l.louise is open every Friday and Saturday. People are also welcome to stop whenever they see her van in the lot.

l.louise is located at 410 Parker Ave. (Highway 12) in Dassel.

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