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New excavating company in LP does the odd jobs
June 9, 2014

By Tara Mathews
Staff Writer

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – “We specialize in the small jobs,” J & T Excavating co-owner Joe Neaton said, “the odd ones, that other companies don’t want to do.”

J & T Excavating is located outside Lester Prairie on Highway 7, and does excavating and demolition.

“We do a lot of horse farm work,” Neaton noted.

J & T Excavating also fills abandoned cisterns and casings in culverts.

Neaton is originally from Watertown, where he grew up helping his father farm.

He currently lives outside Lester Prairie with his wife, Holly.

They have four children, Charlie, 7; Cory, 4; Joseph, 3; and Arthur, 1; and are expecting another in December.

J & T Excavating co-owner Tom Swartzer grew up near Delano , also on a farm.

He currently lives in Montrose.

When Neaton was a small child, his father began renting a barn from Swartzer’s father, which is how the two met.

“Tom is like my brother,” Neaton said. “Our families were always helping each other on the farms and we grew up together.”

Currently, J & T Excavating does not have employees, but contracts employees from Neaton’s other business, NBW Horse Farm Services.

Neaton and Swartzer are looking to hire two employees for J & T Excavating for now, and possibly more if needed.

“I had an ad in the paper for three months, but no applicants,” Neaton commented.

For more information about J & T Excavating, call (320) 395-2891.

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