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No charges filed in Vick video incident
Oct. 27, 2014

By Gabe Licht

An incident between Delano City Councilman Dan Vick and local resident Sean Casey that was posted online garnered about 2,000 views, but has not resulted in charges against Vick.

Casey had filed a police report and alleged that Vick trespassed on his property.

A charging decision memorandum from the Wright County Attorney’s Office states, “The suspect shall not be charged at this time: the conduct does not rise to the level of criminal trespass as defined by statute.”

According to the memorandum, Casey saw Vick walking through yards in his neighborhood, at which point Casey put a sign on his door saying something to the effect of “no soliciting, get off my lawn,” followed by an obscenity.

When Vick approached the residence, he read the sign, muttered a profanity and walked away, all of which was recorded, unbeknownst to Vick.

“He then returned from the north side of the house, crossing the lawn and went to take a picture of the front door,” the police report said of Vick. “At this point, Casey opened the passer window on the door to confront the person and there was a verbal exchange.”

The online video does not show that exchange in its entirety, but does show Vick responding after Casey said he would call the sheriff’s office.

Vick told the deputy he had been going door-to-door to meet people and post fliers.

“He had been cutting across lawns just due to the amount of houses that he had to reach,” the deputy wrote.

After reading the sign, “He went to leave, but then decided he wished to have a picture of the sign due to the fact that he was concerned there were children and people moving up and down the street that may be able to see the sign,” the deputy continued.

Following the exchange between Vick and Casey, Vick walked to the road, took a picture and continued knocking on doors.

After talking to Vick, the deputy returned to Casey’s residence, where he viewed surveillance video of the exchange.

“Casey had footage of the incident and wished for the case to be sent to the Wright County Attorney’s Office for a charging decision,” the deputy wrote in the report.

That report was filed Oct. 15, and the charging decision memorandum was released Oct. 21.

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