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Just dance! Winsted team wows the crowds
March 31, 2014

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

WINSTED, MN – Holy Trinity High School’s danceline considers itself a “non-serious team,” but the girls do have some serious style.

Throughout the fall and winter, the nine dancers choreographed their own routines, providing entertainment at varsity basketball games and at Snofest coronation.

“The first time we performed, I almost couldn’t hear the music because the screams were deafening,” senior Steph Kellner said.

Until this year, Kellner had never danced in front of a crowd before.

“Hannah kind of hunted me down,” Kellner laughed, referring to fellow senior Hannah Lundquist.

Lundquist has been involved in tap, jazz, and ballet since third grade, and she joined Holy Trinity’s danceline as a seventh-grader.

“The upperclassmen initiated it,” senior Ashley Hoese said, explaining that 2008-2009 was the team’s first season.

The team skipped the next two seasons because it didn’t have a coach, and resumed when Hoese was a sophomore.

Friendship, fun, and entertainment
Last year, Lundquist’s stepmom, Jody Goodell, volunteered to take over.

“The girls were a ton of fun, and for the most part, we never had to be too serious,” Goodell said. “Our main goal was to have fun, create good relationships, and entertain the crowd.”

Goodell, who lives in Belle Plaine, coordinated her work schedule around practices, which took place from 3 to 5:30 p.m. three days a week. As for dance experience, Goodell said she knows “some basic moves, but nothing too fancy.”

“Luckily, the girls help choreograph a lot,” she added.

Goodell is undecided if she’ll volunteer to coach next year, but said all five underclassmen hope to return, as well as two new participants.

If students are thinking about giving the team a try, Kellner advises them to go for it.

“Even if you don’t have dance experience, they’ll welcome you with open arms,” she said.

Choreography and collaboration
One of the first things the girls do each season is decide which songs they’d like to perform. Then, they start working on choreography.

“We all sit in a circle and collaborate together,” Lundquist said. “We try to put a kick line in every one of them.”

The girls aren’t afraid to try new things, and they have a good sense of humor when they mess up . . . like the time they attempted a precarious partner cartwheel stunt, for instance. (The failed move was caught on video, and ended up being a source of good-natured amusement afterward.)

Of course, most of the moves turn out to be a success.

“They can all do the splits now,” Goodell noted, adding that one of her goals was for the girls to know the routines so well that they didn’t have to think about the steps.

“I wanted them to just perform it and have fun with it,” she said.

And, even with only five practices to learn their final routine, the girls were able to do just that.

“They busted their butts,” Goodell said.

For Goodell, one of the best parts of coaching was seeing dancers from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds work together.

“They all ended up becoming good friends,” she said.

Meet the dancers

• Hannah Lundquist

• Ashley Hoese

• Grace Homer

• Stephanie Kellner


• Silvia Krzmarzick

• Olivia Mae


• Stephanie Hoffman

Junior high:

• Grace Dietrich

• Katlyn Pokornowski

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