It's 'March Madness' time
March 2, 2015
by Jenni Sebora

Each year, I write about “March Madness” in the Sebora household. I am referring to all of the birthday celebrations that occur in my family.

It actually starts at the very end of February, with our youngest daughter, and then it is a total birthday bonanza in the month of March.

Our middle daughter, my son, my twin, and I all have March birthdays – one after the other. It seems I can’t catch my breath, and then it is another day to celebrate. Who’s complaining, right?

My children are all getting older, but one requested a large birthday celebration with friends, and that, of course, is our youngest, who will have just turned 11 when this article is published.

A birthday party with boys and girls invited, Dairy Queen cake, and Minute-to-Win-It games is planned. The evening tops off with the boys going home, and the girls staying the night; not much slumbering will take place, I am sure.

Now, our oldest, our high school senior son, will be celebrating his golden birthday, number 18.

Wow, he will be an official adult. I will be the parent of an adult son.

A family dinner – dining out – will be his choice of birthday celebration, and then, of course, something, maybe Applebee’s trivia night, with his friends.

Our freshman daughter will most likely enjoy a trip to a mall with a couple of friends, or a movie night out with a few friends, and dining at Buffalo Wild Wings – one of her favorite restaurants.

My youngest daughter and I are in the midst of planning the Minute-to-Win-It games, such as stacking seven snack cakes on the forehead; dipping nose in petroleum jelly and picking up one cotton ball at a time, five total, and placing in bowl without help from any other body part; bouncing a ping pong ball onto a piece of peanut butter, and they can’t try and bounce two balls at once; catching three balls in a bucket on top of their head; keeping three balloons in the air; unrolling a small roll of toilet paper by spinning their arm; and my daughter’s favorite, placing five cans with different quantities of pennies in them in the correct order, by shaking and listening.

Woo, I am tired. It should be fun. A game of spoons, which is always fun with a larger group; Apples to Apples, and most likely some indoor hide-and-seek, and the evening will be complete.

Well, almost – pizza, veggies, fruit, and the finale, Dairy Queen ice cream cake – my children’s favorite.

Boys go home. Girls stay, and it is a night of chatter, giggling, and then, maybe, just maybe, some sleep.

Sometime, maybe, I will fit in a quiet night out for my birthday. Sounds good!

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