March is busy for parents
March 16, 2015
by Jenni Sebora

March is the beginning of a whirlwind of activities in the life of parents, especially if you have school-aged children – tournament season, ball games, competitions, recitals, concerts, meetings, and parent-teacher conferences.

If your children are involved in student council or other organizations, that means bringing some type of food/dish to feed the staff during conferences, which they deserve. Teachers don’t get monetary bonuses or Christmas gifts from their employers, so treating them at conferences is a nice token of appreciation.

If your son or daughter is like many, they forget to tell you that you have to bring something until the night before, but you have to work the next day, so it means prepping something after you have made dinner and cleaned up; you get the drift.

March busy means driving a good distance with a van full of kids, big and little, to watch a team in a play-off game at 8 at night.

“I’m hungry.” Of course they are. Grab a bite to eat along the way. Arrive. Watch the game. Listen to the pep band. Game is over. Time to head home, and by the way, it is 10 o’clock in the evening, and we have school and work the next day. Worth it? You bet.

Then, there are all the forms to sign, such as permission forms for the upcoming spring field trips. And, now it is time to register for spring activities. The forms for summer activities are due, too. Oh, gosh, can I make it through spring first? I can’t even think about summer yet.

Fees, fees, and more fees. You want your children to be involved in activities, and you may have more than one child – three, maybe – and that adds up to lots of forms and fees, and they are all due.

And don’t forget your child(ren) need lunch money, too. The lunch account is low. What have they been eating? Didn’t I just put money in?

Your child may be going on a summer mission trip, or a senior class trip? You need to attend the meetings that are required, pay the fees, and run to Target to buy the necessities for the various trips – shampoo, deodorant, all that good stuff.

Now, you may have a son or daughter graduating. Wow. That means prepping and planning for a party, not to mention getting the house ready. The party is outside, but we think that the upstairs bathroom has to be repainted because you just never know what guest may use it.

With that senior son or daughter comes the college visits, FAFSA forms, and decisions, decisions. If your son is going out of state for college, that means traveling a distance and spending a few days to tour and attend college informational meetings and interviews. Fun, but exhausting.

Oh yes. The laundry is piling up, and so are the dust bunnies. The dogs need grooming – shampoo and haircuts. Their hair is longer than mine. I could use a haircut. Tomorrow, after school, get the kids to their dentist appointments before their teeth fall out. Not really, but we had to reschedule their appointments from the last time, because we forgot they had appointments.

Your kids are active and so are you. Are you involved in PTO, or maybe a church council meeting, or are you a volunteer coach? Fit that in the already over-the-top weekly schedule.

Mom, can you take us to a movie? “Sure.” I could use a nap. The movie theater is the best $8 nap I get. It is funny how parents can fall asleep anywhere.

You also offered to chaperone some trip, or take in some international students who are traveling for some organization or competition for a few days. You bet. Plan activities for them, as well as prepare the house and food.

“Mom, my softball spikes don’t fit anymore.” Of course they don’t; your feet have expanded two sizes from last year. Take that trip to the sporting goods store.

Yep. The list goes on and on and on. Have I scared some new parents or couples who are contemplating a family?

Being a parent is the hardest job there is, but the most rewarding. All worth it? You bet. I would not change it, no way, not for anything. But, maybe, I will, at some point, read that book I have always wanted to read. There will be time for that in retirement.

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