It's time to plan a graduation party
May 4, 2015
by Jenni Sebora

It is graduation party planning and prep time. My son is creating his own invitations on the computer, of course, but he is doing it, and I am glad for that.

Then, it will be writing out all of the addresses. My daughter thinks he should invite 1,000 people. Yep, that would be affordable and doable. My son will help with addressing the postcards, too. That is nice – no envelopes, just postcards.

Food, food, and more food. What to serve? How much to serve? Where to buy it? What to serve it in? All questions that need answers.

The Internet is the lifeline to these questions. You can Google how much shredded turkey to buy for 150 people. What did our parents do when they had to plan graduation parties?

Pinterest gives you oodles and oodles of ideas on basically anything and everything – decorations, food, games, invitations, and thank you notes.

Actually, it can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are like me and think the ideas are really cool. Well, most of them are. Have you gone on Pinterest?

As with most families, you save those projects that have been on your to-do-list until two weeks before your party. We have five acres, so there is a lot to take care of and lots of projects on that “honey-do-list.”

I have a friend who also has a son that is graduating. She is not a party giver. It is not her thing, so she offered her son the options of a gift of a trip, or cash for the cost of the party, but he turned her down. This was fine with her, but she was hoping. A trip to Hawaii would have been fun and a lot less work and stress.

As I was, of course, researching party ideas on Pinterest and other sites, I read from some other posters that large graduation parties are more of a Midwestern “thing.”

In many other states, individuals may have graduation get-togethers, but more for the graduate and his/her friends, and much less formal; or families just go out for a nice dinner to celebrate. Now that is a good idea.,

I proposed each of these ideas to my son, but he declined. I do like parties and I like having people over, but it sure would be a lot less work going out for a nice dinner with some friends and family.

I guess I will have to save that for when he graduates from college. Thus, the planning and prepping continues in between softball games, soccer practice, band concerts, prom, banquets, and the list goes on.

I have divvied out duties among our family members – pick up sticks, rake leaves, scrape porch railing for repainting (overdue), clean out gardens, pull weeds, mow lawn, make scrapbook, and cut out ribbon and card stock for thank you cards. Oh yes, it’s a family affair.

Maybe when my daughters graduate, they will opt for a dinner out.

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