Graduation is fast approaching
May 25, 2015
by Jenni Sebora

My husband and I have been working sunup to past sundown, preparing for our son’s graduation party that is just around the corner. We have been painting, replacing porch railing, weeding, mulching, cleaning, and lawn mowing.

We got our new zero-turn John Deere lawn mower, and it takes half the time to mow our lawn.

Initially, when I drove it, I told my husband to take it back; but after just a short time of getting used to it, and running into a few small trees (not really, but almost), I love it. I feel like a race car driver when I mow the lawn. It is a keeper. Why did I wait this long?

Actually, I have involved all family members in this graduation preparation. It has become a family affair, and then some.

If my kids want friends over for a sleepover, I agree, only if they help with some graduation task. (I don’t ask them to clean the toilets).

My daughters and a couple of their friends have helped make some cute graduation cap decorations with peanut butter cups. They snitch a few here and there – the benefits of helping.

I have my son baking sugar cookies for the individual fruit pizzas we are serving – a fruit pizza bar. He requested this fun food item, and he will help. The fun continues.

My husband is getting into the small garage makeover. He is even going to hang lights around the perimeter to leave up. His idea.

I, of course, am getting into the updo of the gardens and lawns. I love repurposing objects and sticking them someplace in my gardens. I am planting certain containers with my son’s high school colors, and his soon-to-be college colors – blue and white.

We plan on having a quilt made out of our son’s various shirts he has worn over the years from his various activities, but for the graduation party we are hanging these shirts around the inside of the garage. There are T-shirts representing almost all of the activities he has participated in, from little league baseball, high school soccer, National Honor Society, student council, mission trip, and more. It’s an easy way to decorate.

My son is creating his own senior scrapbook, and a “trips” scrapbook, including his trip to Germany last summer, California, band trip to Chicago, and senior class trip to New York.

When he offered to do this, it was a relief for me, and he is quite creative.

I create scrapbooks for each of my children each year, so from pre-school on, there is a scrapbook for each of them.

I got another decorating idea from a friend – put clear plastic tablecloths over tables and display pictures of the graduate underneath, including baby pictures, and so on. I also plan on placing a few of his essays, writings, art projects, and papers he has completed over his school years under the plastic. Hopefully, this will stir table conversation.

The only request, aside from the fruit pizza, my son made in terms of food was an ice cream machine, so we obliged and will have ice cream and toppings – chocolate and caramel sauce, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, crushed Oreos and Kit Kats, whipped topping, and cherries. Yum, yum. I am sure this will be a hit, as it is at other parties. I just hope that kids don’t make mega ice cream creations.

We are almost there. I enjoy hosting parties, but it is a lot of work. A trip is sounding good, but I guess I would not give up the time spent looking over pictures and projects, and working together to come up with ideas.

The memories are also in the process, as I am sure the party will be one big happy memory, after I take one big happy nap when it is over.

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