Busy summer days are flying by
July 13, 2015
by Jenni Sebora

Goodness sakes – what happened to the month of June?

We have had such a nice spring, and a great start to summer. The bugs were late making their appearance, so my husband and I were able to enjoy our coffee on our front porch all of May and most of June. That rarely happens.

The corn is “knee high by the Fourth of July,” and looking good (not that we are growing field corn, but I always look for this, as I grew up on a farm).

The weather has definitely been fair, with some rain, some sunshine, and some wind.

I do have to confess, our new John Deere riding lawn mower is doing the job in half the time compared to our old rider.

My flowers are blooming beautifully. The raspberries are almost ready for the first crop of picking, and my strawberry harvest is almost over.

I have been using a lot of my chives in almost every dish I prepare. I have started to dry my chives, as I have chive plants in different spots in my various gardens. The purple flowers and ease of growth make them pretty and plentiful.

There is nothing like going out to your own garden or yard, harvesting an herb, fruit, or vegetable, and eating it on the spot, or using it in some prepared dish. Ah, summer joys!

However, my husband caught on video a little critter in my flower garden chomping away; a cute little bunny captured in action. I need to deter that visitor now, before he chomps away my flower heads. I did try and plant some marigolds on the perimeter of my small vegetable garden to deter pests. I may have to add some to my front garden of flowers.

My children have been swimming, tubing, fishing, reading, visiting Dairy Queen, playing some ball – all those traditional summertime activities that make the season what it is supposed to be.

I have been running them to these various activities, and I love it – most of the time, especially the ice cream.

Also included in the list of activities are some chores on my children’s “to do list.” My son and I recently vacuumed and cleaned the car out. We don’t have time for those types of chores during the school year.

My youngest daughter, who will be in sixth grade, and her friends are in a book club. One of the members selects a book (local public libraries have books just for these book clubs), and distributes the books to the other members. They read the book and then rotate hosting the discussion of the book.

The book club discussion also includes treats and fun afterwards, such as trip to the pool, beach, or ice cream shop.

We plan on making a trip to the Como Zoo (free), and the University of Minnesota Arboretum, which currently is displaying large Lego structures of plants, birds, and other critters.

A trip to Creighton University in Omaha is on the docket, for my son to meet with his advisor, as well as take in the international volleyball tournament, which takes place at Creighton during the time we will be there.

We would also like to head to Duluth for a couple of days, as we are yearning for the scenery there, but I am not sure if time permits.

Soon, we will be saying, “Where did July go?”

But, until then, I will enjoy every July day. I hope you do, too.

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