The next phase
Sept. 14, 2015
by Jenni Sebora

Well, here we are – I am officially the parent of a college student.

We have successfully moved our son into his dorm. I wondered how we could fit all the stuff he needs into that small rectangular space that is his living space for the next nine months, but it worked.

Our son is now living in a different state, that being Nebraska, and specifically, Omaha.

It is a wonderful city. Its history is driven by the railway and meat-packing plants. Omaha is the 42nd largest city in the US, home to about 800,000 people, and full of rolling hills and great topography.

On a Creighton College visit this summer with my son, his sisters and two cousins were lucky enough to watch the world volleyball tournament in the beautiful CenturyLink Center in Omaha.

This was cool, because three of the US volleyball team members are from Minnesota – one from Delano – and the US won the tournament.

Aside from that fun, the CenturyLink features the “Illumina,” a colorful display encompassing 40 sculptures inspired by the 13th century Carnival of Venice. It’s a really neat city center for a plethora of events.

My favorite part of Omaha, though, is the Old Market, which happens to be just a few short miles from Creighton. It is a historic district that was originally built to sell groceries wholesale. Many of the original warehouses have been converted into lofts.

It feels like you are in France, with brick-paved roads, shops, old-fashioned candy and ice cream shops, and wonderful dining, surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants hanging from building tops.

Horse carriage rides and wonderful street performers and artists will often be found and heard, on weekends especially.

Whether my son wants to see me or not, I will be visiting Omaha, and him, too, I hope. Yep – I cried. My husband cried. Our youngest daughter cried. Our middle daughter, second in line, proclaimed that she was now “Top Dog.” We now call her “Top Dog.” She has earned the spot.

She did text her brother the other night and told him she loved him, but didn’t miss him. Not yet anyway. She will when she wants a ride to a football game, basketball game, or a coffee shop with her friends. He was her taxi much of the time.

We will miss this, too, among many other things. But soon enough, Top Dog will get her license, and she will be in good shape.

My son has had classes for a couple weeks and adapted immediately to this new phase in his life. He already loves it. He was very ready for this next venture in his life.

He has a great roommate, from Honolulu, HI. The first time we met our son’s roommate, he hugged us and then gifted Caleb with a college goodie bag from his grandmother. Things will be good.

Caleb has been busy studying, going to the workout center, attending soccer games, playing in the band, hanging out with new friends, and attending a trillion-and-one campus welcome activities.

I wonder how long these welcome activities go on?

It is all good. The scheduled activities are meant to help freshmen, especially, with homesickness.

My son is not homesick. He is enjoying this new life, even if he has to study twice as much as in high school. He loves his professors, so far, and his favorite classes thus far are a theology course and critical thinking. He loves this kind of stuff.

Well, here we are in the next phase of our life – just as it is supposed to happen.

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