If I were queen . . .
Sept. 28, 2015
by Jenni Sebora

If you listen to WCCO radio in the afternoon, you will hear radio host John Williams often say, “If I were king, this is what I would do . . .”

Well, if I were queen, I have a few things I would do.

At the top of the list, would be to limit homework. (Being an educator, this is worthy of its own article, but I will start here.)

There are numerous studies that reveal that homework does not really help.

Students attend school almost equivalent to the time of an adult’s working day.

If they are involved in extracurricular activities, their “work day” is even longer. Then, add eating dinner, taking a shower, and, maybe, just maybe, some time with family.

Oh, but there is homework to do. There is occasion to assign homework in a class, but it should not be on a regular basis, and never should new material be the homework’s substance.

On to a different topic: Politics. Legislators – politicians are always ranting about money that is spent foolishly by the opposite party, but they are OK with spending millions of dollars on their campaign platforms.

Even though candidates are endorsed and money is voluntarily given to them or donated to them, that money could be used elsewhere – food shelves, after-school programs, sending at-risk children to camps, cancer research – the list is endless.

Donations are made to particular candidates because the donor wants their special interest to be a part of that candidate’s platform. So, there is “pay back” for that donation in terms of a law being passed or not being passed.

There should absolutely be tighter spending limits, with no donations from special interest groups.

Forget television ads. They are just about bashing the other candidate(s), without much substance to issues.

How about just plain, old, simple, journalist interviews, and subsequent articles with details in the paper regarding what is important to that candidate? Ask them a question about a specific issue and publish the interviews in the newspaper; just like it is done – for example – when people run for school boards.

It is easy to say, which of course, they all say, “We need a better America. We need to change the direction it is going.”

How many times have we heard those words by candidates? What does that mean? All fluff and rhetoric.

Well, those are just some of my, “If I were queen, this is what I would do” ideas.

In the future, I will share some other of my queenisms that I am passionate about.

Can you believe it is fall? Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all around the corner. I know – don’t go there yet. Happy harvest to all of you; it is that time of year.

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