Celebrating with a harvest party
Nov. 2, 2015
by Jenni Sebora

My students recently hosted a harvest party for 70 preschoolers. We have it almost down to a T. With about 35 students in each session and four stations, there were eight to nine adorable children in each group.

Crafts, games, snacks, and tattoos (temporary, of course), along with a photo booth, were our stations. After 12 minutes, each group of students moved to the next station in its rotation. It worked like a charm.

A version of musical chairs (we passed a small pumpkin around and when the music stopped, the child who was holding the pumpkin had to do some designated fun movement or sound), and pass the candy corn were our game highlights.

Each year, at the end of the party, we distribute goody bags, so this year, we decided to make that part of the craft station. The kids decorated their bags with bright Halloween stickers, gems, and markers, and then moved on to decorating a tiny pumpkin to go in the bag.

Lastly, the children made a tissue paper pumpkin, filled it with a few pieces of candy, and tied it up with a green pipe cleaner for the stem. Walla!

How about making a witch’s broomstick or magician’s wand out of a big pretzel rod spread with frosting and rolled with orange, green, and black sugar and sprinkles?

Try making a witch’s hat with a Ritz cracker, spread with soft cheese and topped with a Bugle.

Both of these edible crafts were back by popular demand.

Our talented face-painter graduated last year, so Halloween- and Disney-inspired tattoos replaced face-painting this year. This station also included a trip to our trick-or-treat photo booth with fun accessories.

At the end of the day, we felt like we had run a marathon, but it was all so worth it.

The children love it, and my students become like heroes to them.

Last year, we received a personal, handmade thank you card from each student. We hung each one in our room.

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