Why all the hostility?
September 7, 2015
by Pastor Scott Konitzer, First Baptist Church of Cokato

There is an intensifying hostility permeating our world towards the Bible, Jesus Christ, and His followers. Have you ever wondered why? Allow me to address some common questions in our day:

Q: Why do the evolutionists grow angry and even threaten those who would dare to claim God as the Creator?

A: Pride. Some would rather try to prove the impossible than believe in a holy God. Common sense alone refutes an evolutionary view. Just examine a human cell and all the delicate, intricate functions of that cell that make the human body work. It’s amazing!

Pride tries to build a case without God. And if there is no Creator, there is no accountability for our lives.

Q: Why do some religions and anti-religion groups want to ban the Bible throughout the world? After all, no one is being forced to believe the Bible. Everyone has a free will to embrace it or cast its teachings aside. Why such hostility toward God’s Word?

A: Fear. Many think that if we can wipe out a Bible that conflicts with their personal belief system, then they don’t have to worry about its convicting contents. If they can just burn it, ban it, or abolish it, then there will be no code of conduct. The only problem with that thinking is that God’s Word is everlasting, and He will return as judge and have the last Word. Those who ban it now, will have to face it one day.

Q: Why are Christians being persecuted, terrorized, hunted down and killed simply because they love and follow Jesus Christ?

A: Greed and lust of power. Many want to “cleanse” the world of Christians in order that certain elitists, anti-Christs, can gain power, land, wealth, and so on. Think about it., Who would oppose human trafficking of body parts for the purpose of getting rich? Christians. Who would oppose laws that extort the poor? Christians. Christians are in the way.

The ironic truth is that the Bible prophesizes that these things will happen in the last days, so those who are persecuting are only fulfilling prophecy, proving the Bible to be accurate. Jesus taught that hell is a real place, and final judgement and everlasting punishment will be sentenced to all those who have rejected Jesus. Those who terrorize, will be eternally terrorized.

Q: Why do people’s faces turn red and hot when the very name of Jesus Christ is mentioned? After all, Jesus loved all people. He was sinless, had compassion, healed the sick, calmed the storms, multiplied food and fed the hungry, raised the dead, cast out demons so people could be set free, and ultimately died for the sins of the world on the cross and rose again three days later! Even if a person doesn’t really believe in Jesus, what’s to hate about Him?

A: Rebellion. Most don’t want to believe that Jesus is the only way to be reconciled to God. People like options, like a buffet at a restaurant. Jesus claimed to be deity, equal with God as God’s son, and He said, “I am the way the truth and the life; no man comes to the Father but by me.” John 14:6. The truth is, we are all sinful, separated from a holy God. God’s Son, Jesus is the only one worthy enough to make us clean. A rebellious nature doesn’t want to be told what to do or that there is only one way.

So as we ponder these questions and answers, can we be humble enough to examine our own hearts? Let’s not let pride, fear, greed/power, and rebellion keep us from embracing eternal life. And if you have a real faith in Jesus, then pray intensely for those who need to come to Him.

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