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New Verizon store opening soon
March 30, 2015

By Gabe Licht

DELANO, MN – When Shawn Kirschner was looking for a new location for the Cellular Only Connection Verizon Wireless store, he didn’t have to look far. The new store has been built across the parking lot from the current location at 1005 Crossing Drive.

It is expected to open in late April or early May.

“We started building in October, but we’ve been working on this project for a while,” Kirschner said.

He explained the rationale behind the move.

“We needed more space and we’re looking to give our customers more of an experience when they walk through our doors,” Kirschner said.

That experience will include interaction with devices and accessories for homes and cars, as well as an emphasis on businesses and helping individuals better utilize their devices.

“Our industry has been evolving over the years and we are much more than a ‘cell-phone’ store,” Kirschner said. “We’ll have a business center for our business customers. We’ll also have a training center to help people understand their phones better or help those who have no idea how to work them. We offer so many different products. We can talk about them until we’re blue in the face, but we need to get them in your hands and walk you through how to use them.”

The new store will be about 2,000 square feet. Kirschner is looking to rent out the other half of the building. There have been plenty of rumors about what is going into the building.

“I’ve been told the building was being built for a Cairbou and Bruegger’s Bagels,” Kirschner said.

In reality, he is not sure what business will be joining the Verizon store in the new building.

“There’s nothing fortified,” Kirschner said. “We’re open to ideas.”

He believes a coffee shop or restaurant would do well in the site near the new GrandStay hotel, though he does not think a drive-through would work well at the location.

“We’ve had about a dozen inquiries,” Kirschner said. “Until you have signatures and money in your hand, nothing is done.”

The local Verizon store has been in Delano for five years. Kirschner currently has five employees and is looking to add one or two more.

The store is considered a premium retailer.

“We’re a full-fledged outfit,” Kirschner said. “We’re going to start getting into Apple product repairs shortly. We have a strong business service we offer for clients where we manage accounts for them and go on site.”

He is looking forward to serving the community from the new location.

“We have a strong focus on community involvement and giving back,” Kirschner said. “We really try hard to give A+, world-class customer service.”

He is not aware of any plans for Verizon’s current location.

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