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LP children seek cereal boxes to help children in Haiti
July 13, 2015

The children who attend vacation Bible school at Bethel Lutheran Church in Lester Prairie are seeking donations of empty cereal boxes to send to Haiti, for women to fashion into beads and then jewelry.

Haiti is home to almost 500,000 orphans. The majority of these “orphans” are not orphans because their parents have died, but only because their parents cannot afford to feed them. The average Haitian makes only $650 a year.

The Apparent Project is the “un-orphanage.” Instead of it being a place where parents drop off their children, mothers attend the program and learn a trade, in order to provide them with the income to raise their children.

These women are learning how to turn old cereal boxes into beads, which then become jewelry.

Trades of Hope partners with the Apparent Project to market and sell the jewelry these women create. They currently employ approximately 250 women.

The women then have a sustainable business, and are able to keep and raise their children with dignity.

There has been a shortage of boxes for these women, and Bethel VBS students are seeking donations of empty cereal boxes to send to Haiti.

They are looking for boxes at least 12 inches tall.

The boxes may be dropped off at Angvall Hardware & Mercantile in Lester Prairie, or outside the door of American Fitness in Lester Prairie.

The boxes will be mailed to a group in Michigan that will make sure they arrive at their destination in Haiti.

For more information, contact Cheryl Smith at singlelovingmom13@yahoo.com.

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