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Howard Lake man finds success at Canterbury Park
Sept. 14, 2015

Tara Mathews

HOWARD LAKE, MN – Lowell Schrupp of Howard Lake may be known around town for the 40 years he worked at Munson Feed, but at Canterbury Park, he is known for his horses.

“It’s a big one,” Schrupp jokes, speaking about the crystal trophy and $20,000 check from a recent race, “I never thought I would have anything crystal in the bachelor pad, but I have.”

His horse “Little Bit Brandy,” ridden by jockey Jorge Torres of Texas, won first place at a race August 20, and had won a smaller race earlier this season, he said.

The race prize was more than $33,000, and Schrupp gets 60 percent of the winnings.

“My horses run a straight dash, up to 440 yards,” Schrupp noted.

Each year, he brings his horses to Canterbury Park in February to begin training for the race season, which begins in May. The horses stay at the track until the end of the racing season.

“I have Little Bit Brandy home now, but LS Little Effort, who has another race, is at Canterbury yet,” Schrupp said.

Half a century of quarter horses

“I’ve had horses for 50 years,” Schrupp commented. “And have been entering them in Canterbury races for nearly 30 years.”

Schrupp’s first season entering his horses into races was in 1985, at a track other than Canterbury.

“I wanted to enter them at Canterbury, but they weren’t doing quarter horse races yet,” he said.

“So I went to Queen City Downs.”

The next season, Canterbury was racing quarter horses, and Schrupp began entering his horses there.

His horses have won six races at Canterbury, and will continue to race another year.

“I was going to quit after this season, but I can’t really do that now,” Schrupp commented. “I mean, I can, but I don’t want to now.”

Cheaters never win

“I had to wait nine days for Canterbury to send my winning check,” Schrupp said. “They take time to test the horses to make sure they haven’t been given any performance-enhancing drugs before they send winnings out.”

Horses that race at Canterbury are given urine and blood analysis tests following a big race if they are one of the winners, because, in the past, people have given their horses performance enhancers, he added.

Horses that race have to be purebred in the breed category of which they are racing, and have to be trained naturally. If performance enhancing drugs are found in a horse’s system, the horse will be disqualified from the race it won, and possibly future races.

“I want my horse’s to win naturally, I don’t agree with any performance drugs,” Schrupp stated. “I would fire my trainer if I ever found out they were giving anything like that to my horses.”

A bit of history

Schrupp was born and raised in Howard Lake. He has three daughters, Connie, Jessica, and Sue; and had a son, Kim, who passed away many years ago.

Schrupp was on the Wright County Fair board for many years, and ran horse races at the Wright County Fair at one point.

He began breeding horses before he entered them in races.

He retired from Munson Feed 14 years ago, and races and boards horses to fill his time now.

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