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County, townships address low readablity of street signs in Meeker Co.
March 23, 2015

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

With the majority of the street signs in Meeker County long overdue for replacement, the county board and townships are working together to have them replaced.

Most of the 1,140 intersection signs scattered across the county’s countryside were installed 24 years ago, in 1991, according to Ron Mortensen, county engineer. On average, the reflectivity on signs is meant to last between 10 and 15 years, he noted.

The low readability of the street signs has caused concern and complaints from emergency personnel and the general public overall, Mortenson said.

Dassel Fire Chief Dave Johnson said that the signs haven’t caused any issues yet, but that the signs have been hard to see at times. Johnson noted that there is always a rider assisting the driver in determining where to go when responding to an emergency.

There are roughly 1,140 street signs that will need replacing.

The townships have agreed to pay for half of the materials, and the county would provide the installation, costing each of the 17 townships an estimated $3,000 per township.

During the annual meetings, townships were asked to budget for the cost of replacing the signs for the 2016 budget year.

County officials, however, would like to see the process begin before next year, and possibly as early as this summer. The cost would then be reimbursed, Mortensen explained.

Before the signs can be replaced, however, the county needs to take inventory and purchase the signs needed.

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