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DC students embrace social media

Dec. 28, 2015

By Christina Busche
Dassel-Cokato High School Student

In today’s society, nearly every person uses some form of social media. Whether it is Snapchat, Facebook, or even handwritten letters, these forms of communication are what keep people connected to those around them.

Internet usage is extremely prevalent among teenagers. According to the Pew Research Center, 92 percent of teens in 2015 reported using the Internet at least once a day. They also discovered 71 percent use more than one social networking site.

These numbers are not startling, as school districts have begun providing personal laptops and other Internet-accessible devices to students. Dassel-Cokato High School is no exception, as the Internet and social media are utilized by extracurricular clubs and activities daily.

Most prominent in the DC community is the student-led Twitter account “Charger Gameday,” which reports mainly on junior varsity and varsity athletics. Managing the account is DCHS senior David Howell, who attends athletic events and posts about them. Howell has also written articles for the Enterprise Dispatch about the fall 2015 football season.

Throughout the past few years, more extracurricular programs have expanded to create their own online accounts. DECA, girls volleyball, strength and conditioning, FFA, student council, robotics, and DCTV are among the programs that have social media accounts.

These public accounts are used to keep students, parents, and the community updated on events, competitions, and successes throughout the year. Results, practice schedules, and records are shared on these platforms.

Other accounts are used internally, as well, to ensure the continued success of teams and activities. Coaches and advisors utilize email to contact their students about important dates or information. They enjoy this because it allows for easy and quick communication, and the sharing of calendars and pictures alike.

The progression of the Internet and social media have one thing in common – the ability to share ideas and information between two or more people. This exchange has cemented the value of technology in society and the development of relationships. Teams and extracurricular activities in the DC community have recognized and taken full advantage of this assistance.

Social media accounts of DC teams include:

• Twitter: @ChargerGameday, @ChargerTough, @DCChargerVB, @DCDECA, @DCStudCo, @DasselCokatoTV, @DCswimanddive, @DCChargers466, @DCBoysGolf, @ChargerFreshman

• Facebook: DC DECA

• Instagram: @dc_deca, @dc_ffa, @dassel_cokato, @dasselcokatorobotics

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