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Township election results are in
March 16, 2015

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

MEEKER, WRIGHT COUNTIES, MN – Township elections and the annual meetings took place March 10.

The election results and each of the 2016 levies are below.

Collinwood Township
On the ballot for Collinwood Township voters were the positions of supervisor and treasurer.

Incumbent David Prieve was challenged by Brian Dahlman for the three-year supervisor position. Prieve was re-elected with 68 votes, while Dahlman received 44 votes.

Treasurer Michelle Schnitzler, who ran unopposed, was re-elected for the two-year term with 95 votes.

The levy increased by $22,000 over last year, with more money designated for road construction and repairs, for a total levy of $244,200.

Cokato Township
In Cokato Township, incumbent Dean Mahlstedt ran unopposed for the supervisor position, as well as Nancy Dahlman for the treasurer position.

With 27 votes cast, both incumbents were re-elected.

The levy was set at $295,000.

Stockholm Township
There were 68 voters in Stockholm Township voting for the open positions of two supervisors and a treasurer.

Supervisor Dave Jorgensen ran unopposed and received 45 votes, and Keith Evenski also ran unopposed with 39 votes.

The position of treasurer was unchallenged and incumbent Cecelie Sangren was re-elected with 63 votes.

French Lake Township
In French Lake Township, incumbent Lucille Ekholm ran unopposed for the treasurer position and was re-elected with 22 votes.

Patrick Lantto was elected with 22 votes to fill the supervisor position previously served by Daniel Leinonen.

The levy amount was also approved at $265,000, which included a $15,000 increase to the road and bridge fund and $5,000 to the fire fund.

Dassel Township
The positions of treasurer and one supervisor (formerly served by Karl Townsend) was up for election.

Of the total 22 votes cast, Kevin Rossow was elected supervisor with 21 votes, and Galen Nyman was re-elected treasurer with 22 votes.

The levy remained the same as the previous year, and was set at $330,000.

Ellsworth Township
In Ellsworth Township, the supervisor position, currently served by Larry Graf, was open, as well as the treasurer position, currently served by Elvera Smith.

On the ballot for the supervisor position was Don Slater and Tom Fruetell. Slater was elected for the three-year position with 54 votes. Fruetell received 41 votes.

Incumbent treasurer Elvera Smith was challenged by Sharon Gorham. Smith was re-elected with 71 votes, with Gorham receiving 25 votes.

The levy was set at $248,000, the same as last year.

Kingston Township
Kingston Township had the lowest voter turnout in recent history with 16 voters. Each of the three positions, however, were uncontested.

Mary Filzen was re-elected to serve as treasurer, a two-year term; Robert Christofferson was re-elected for one of the supervisor positions, a three-year-term; and Danny Schiefelbein was re-elected for the other supervisor position; a one-year term (as the township returns to a March election schedule).

The levy was also approved at $342,150, which included a $40,000 increase to the reserve fund for road repairs.

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