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Winsted native takes architect skills to New York
July 6, 2015

By Starrla Cray
Associate Editor

WINSTED, MN – Jason Weinbeck has been giving makeovers to New York City living spaces lately, in a new business venture called d2A.

“The market here in New York is really strong,” said Weinbeck, who graduated from Holy Trinity High School in 1986, and has a bachelor of architecture degree from the University of Minnesota.

During the recession a few years back, the market was drastically different.

“For anybody in construction or architecture, it was really slow,” Weinbeck recalled.

In 2008, Weinbeck was running a company called Jason Weinbeck Design, and had been featured in the Mpls St. Paul magazine for his “budget savvy” renovations to a 1950s ranch-style home he purchased.

Weinbeck’s business also took him to Scottsdale, AZ, where he redesigned and remodeled homes.

He moved to New York about four years ago, after he was offered an architectural job with clothing company Ralph Lauren.

“It was completely opposite of what I was doing originally,” Weinbeck said. “Because it’s commercial, it’s about designing how people move through the space, not how to live in it. It’s how to best display products, as opposed to how to sit in it and enjoy it.”

Ralph Lauren changes its stores every few years to keep them fresh looking, which gave Weinbeck the opportunity to travel to locations throughout the US.

A year and a half ago, Weinbeck decided to get back into residential architecture, which is his true passion. He started out with a large apartment project on Union Square, and continued to build his clientele.

“I do a lot of 3D rendering for clients, using software called Revit,” he said.

Recently, he partnered with architect Dubravka Anti to create d2A.

“She’s from Croatia, and has been in New York for 18 years,” Weinbeck said. “She’s extremely experienced.”

Weinbeck and Anti also hire architectural graduate students to help with the work. Most of d2A’s clients are highly educated, wealthy people seeking a contemporary-style living space.

“People are very design sensitive here,” Weinbeck said. “A lot of them are international, and some only use the apartments once or twice a year.”

In the future, Weinbeck hopes to expand to multiple apartment unit projects, instead of working for individual clients.

“With a big project, you’re guaranteed to have work for the next year; with smaller ones, you’re juggling multiple projects,” he said.

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