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Winsted Photo Club winners to be in the Herald Journal
Jan. 26, 2014

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

WINSTED, MN – Whether you’re an award-winning photographer or struggle to take simple shots, picture-taking enthusiasts of all levels are welcome at the Winsted Photo Club.

Participation is free, and meetings typically take place 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. the second Thursday of each month at Duran’s Photography in Winsted. Members take photos of a certain theme each month, such as “lines,” “flowers,” or “blue.”

“At each meeting, we compare and critique images and discuss technique. Then, the group selects the image or images that best illustrate the subject,” noted Ruben Duran, who created the club a few years ago.

Photo exposure
Starting this year, each month’s winning photo will be printed in the Herald Journal.

“The goal of the Winsted Photo Club is to have fun and encourage one another to grow as photographers,” Duran said. “One thing we’d like to do this year is to have a Facebook group where members can post pictures and discuss them at any time during the month.”

Photos can be taken with any kind of camera, and images can be in color or black and white – whatever best suits that particular image.

Club member Brenda Stevens joined the club as a way to take better pictures of her children and animals, including horses, goats, llamas, cats, rabbits, and a dog.

“I’m starting to understand things like aperture and F-stop,” she said, adding that good photography involves “getting out there and being fast and observant.”

Fellow club member Diane Otto of Winsted also enjoys taking outdoor photos.

“Many of my pictures consist of things outside like barns, trees, flowers, or fields,” she noted. “I recently bought an underwater camera, so I am pretty excited for this summer.”

For Otto, photography allows her to find new ways to represent the things she sees in nature.

“I like being in the club because it has a very relaxed atmosphere,” she noted. “The themes are useful in keeping everyone on the same track, but you can still bring in other photos that you want to share.”

Members who are unable to attend a meeting due to weather or other conflicts can still participate by submitting photos via e-mail.

How to join
Anyone who is interested in joining the club can contact Duran at (612) 310-2045 or durphoto@live.com. Members are welcome to bring snacks to share, if they’d like.

“I would love to see the club grow,” Stevens said. “We would all learn more.”

Upcoming themes
Each month, Winsted Photo Club members concentrate on a specific theme:

• February – Red

• March – Green

• April – Animal

• May – Flowers

• June – Lines

• July – Curves

• August – Sports

• September – Blue

• October – Orange

• November – Children

• December – Thanksgiving

• January 2016 – Christmas

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