Summer is here, enjoy it
June 13, 2016
by Jenni Sebora

Here it is! Summer is upon us. Well, at least in terms of kids being out and about, and in the summer mode.

My son is home from his first year of college under his belt. It is nice to have him around.

We can tell he is an adult, as he asked his youngest sister if she wanted to switch rooms and have the bigger room, since he is really only home during the summer. It is her turn to have the larger closet and room.

She, of course, accepted that offer in a heartbeat. While school was still in session for her, he moved everything from her room to his room, and vice versa.

He picked up paint samples for both of them (both wanted rooms painted in the blue/gray range), and then with the help of a couple of his friends, painted the rooms without one bit of help from me or my husband.

I like these summer projects when they get done without my assistance.

Yep, it’s on to projects – paint the concrete porch floor, stain the deck, and pull some dead shrubs and plant some new ones.

But, no worries, summer is also about finding some time to have a glass of iced tea (with that lemon balm from my garden) and read a book on my wonderful front porch. I have about five books I want to dive into.

My son and a friend took a weekend trip to Chicago at the end of May for a book conference.

My son and I like to attend these when we can at the local book stores in the Twin Cities. It is so interesting, to meet the authors and hear their stories. He met a lot of authors, and came back with a bunch of free books, which are now on my “to read” list, too.

Next year, a large author meet-and-greet will take place in New York, which is supposedly the best place. My son has invited me to go along next year, and I most certainly will.

I like these kinds of things as much as he does, so next summer’s agenda will include a trip to New York to meet some authors and embark upon some new book adventures.

Our middle daughter is about to get her driver’s license, so this summer will mean lots of driving practice and parking practice. Oh, the joys.

Our youngest is engaged in summer youth theater once again, which she absolutely loves, because it includes theater, music, directors she loves, and most of all, wonderful friends from all over that she has made being part of this theater experience.

I will be spending a lot of time in my car this summer; definitely part of a parent’s job.

This summer, our family plans on traveling east for a vacation, heading to Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA for some beach time and relaxation, and then on to Boston and Cape Cod.

Freedom Trail, Harvard, Boston Public Library, and Paul Revere are among the tours and visits on our itinerary. Traveling around Boston is quite easy using public transit.

Part of the fun of family vacationing is the planning, and involving the children – young and old – in the process.

My son found the house in Hull we are renting, and my daughters are happy about this because they love the beachtime.

At this beach house, bicycles, boogie boards, and other great beach necessities are available for rent. Shops and restaurants are all within walking distance. It sounds wonderful!

Yes, summer is here. Family time, projects, gardening, and relaxing (maybe) are all that make summer, summer. Enjoy your summer, a few books, and time with your family. It goes too fast.

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