Savor the little moments this summer
July 21, 2016
by Jenni Sebora

Oh my — where has the summer gone? The end of July is here. At the beginning of summer, I said to myself, “I am going to savor every day so it does not seem like it flies by so quickly.” However, it has flown by. But I have learned to savor something in each day. This sounds corny, but, oh, so true.

There really are a plethora of gifts ready to be opened each day and enjoyed, such as an early morning cup of coffee on my vintage day bed on my front porch watching the birds flit back and forth. Or earning (according to myself) a few pages of a read in my novel at my bedstand. Or a walk on the trail that is surrounded by two fields of golden sunflowers. It is quite breathtaking.

I have been really trying to teach this lesson to my children. Find a small thing each day and enjoy it. This is something I have also shared with my adult students. Going through life can be tough, and turning into an adult with all of the responsibilities can be overwhelming.

It is important to set long-range goals, but it’s also important to set short-range goals and learn to adjust along the way. Learning that, as Dr. Phil says, “Life is not a sprint, it is a marathon,” can be tough for young people who are on the verge of adulthood.

Growing and developing brains sometimes have a hard time waiting and learning that things happen one step at a time or maybe two or three steps at a time. At least once a week, I ask my students to write down five things they did that day to get to their proclaimed goals. This is to help them to become conscious of the lesson that “life is a marathon,” and each day holds milestones, big and small.

Learning to be conscious of what we have done each day, sometimes it may just be taking an emotional day of relaxation to recharge, is vitally important to happiness and a feeling of contentment. A life lesson.

One reason among so many that I am a teacher, and specifically a teacher working with young adults with their own strengths, is that I savor how some really love each day and offer each day what they have to give and love it. This is a true lesson for all. Be happy with who you are. Give what you have to give. Don’t compare yourself to others. Each day is a day to use your very own skills in whatever task you are doing, whether it is viewed as a large or small task.

And within the midst of the day, no matter how routine it is, find something that you look forward to for that day. That bath at the end of the day. A walk. The movie on that Friday you are going to see. A trip to the coffee shop. Etc. Etc. Always have something to look forward to.

Laugh. And laugh some more. Always find laughter in something each day. There are really few things to be emotionally distraught about. I have been told that my laugh is very recognizable. To be known for that, is fine with me.

My children have participated and continue to participate in theater and have been in different productions that are comedic. I will be the one in the audience who will break out in laughter. In fact, my kids’ friends who are also actors in the plays will announce my presence to each other, which in turn makes them laugh. “There’s Jenni,” they’ll say.

They tell me they are laughing with me and not at me. Maybe a little of both. But I am okay with that.

Be kind. It really is true that what you give to others is given back to you twofold. Be patient.

So there you go: as summer is winding down and life with school-aged children will become hectic again, we have to remember these things.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Find joy in each day. Soon the butterflies will be fluttering and we will be harvesting our garden produce, however small or large our quantities will be. And this is always exciting to me.

To end, I picked my first cucumber last night and I was so thrilled. I showed it to my children and my nieces who were over. They affirmed my feelings (they are so good), and then, my daughters asked if they could use the cucumber for a facial mask. So I shared my bounty. Ate half and then cut up slices so they could uplift their eyelids. Whatever works. Share the joy, right?!

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