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Together forever: Linton and Evelyn Isaacson share how they have managed to stay together 75 years
Aug. 8, 2016

By Brianna Mathias
Editorial Intern

DASSEL, MN – The American Psychological Association reports that divorce rates are up to about 50 percent in the US. Though some may view marriage as a temporary bond, for Linton and Evelyn Isaacson of Dassel, their “I do’s” meant forever.

This month, the couple is going to be married for 75 years.

“We were in the same grade in high school, and we got to know each other,” Evelyn said. “A couple years later, we started dating.”

In 1941, the two were married. Since Evelyn had a twin sister who was also engaged, they joined forces on planning a wedding for both couples.

“She was getting married to Linton’s brother, so we had the same family,” Evelyn said. “So we decided to have a double wedding because it would include all our family anyway.”

Through the years, Linton and Evelyn had four children.

“We have seven grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren,” Evelyn said.

Ever since their marriage, the couple has lived in Dassel, save for the moving around they had to do when Linton was in the service.

“He was in the service a year after we were married,” Evelyn said. “When he moved to the state of Washington, I lived over there, until he went overseas, then I went home.”

Linton said he served in New Guinea and Japan, along with other places. After the war, he moved on to other work.

“I worked on the railroad for 40 years, then after that I worked on houses,” Linton said. “I did carpenter work until I was 90 years old. After that, I haven’t done too much.”

Evelyn said she did a lot of catering with a group.

“Otherwise, I was church secretary for 13 years,” Evelyn said. “We’ve attended Gethsemane Lutheran since we were married.”

Both strong in their faith, Linton said they weren’t the only ones who had something to do with the success of their marriage.

“It’s incredible to think we’ve stuck together for 75 years,” Linton said. “God helped with that. I don’t think we could have done it on our own.”

The couple offered a bit of advice for young couples.

“You have to be able to share,” Linton said. “You have to be able to do some of the things that she likes to do and she should do things you like to do.”

Linton said that when their children were growing up, he enjoyed going to their sports games, and Evelyn went along even though they weren’t necessarily her favorite activity to attend.

“If they were in plays, I didn’t care to go to them much, but I went along,” Linton said. “I have to consider what she wants to do, and she has to consider what I want to do.

Evelyn agreed that sharing is a huge part of their relationship.

“Learn to share and forgive,” she said.

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