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DC junior elected to state student council
April 25, 2016

Associate Editor

DASSEL, COKATO, MN – Not long ago, Cy Flick couldn’t have imagined that he’d be serving on the executive board of the Minnesota State Student Council.

“In middle school, I was always focused on sports,” said Cy, son of Cole and Beth Flick of Dassel.

Cy’s focus widened, however, when he began his junior year at Dassel-Cokato High School last fall.

“I wanted to give back to our school and get more involved,” Cy said.

He became a member of Dassel-Cokato High School Student Council, and quickly became immersed in local student government affairs. When he heard about a state-level convention at Rice High School in Sauk Rapids, with an opportunity to run for state office, Cy was intrigued.

“I saw it as a good opportunity to get DC on the map,” he said.

Cy wrote a speech in preparation, and his campaign managers (fellow student council members Hana Pokornowski, Cassadi Kirchoff, and Kassidy Anderson) created business cards, a large sign, and posters.

“These girls worked really, really hard,” Cy said. “They did an amazing job, and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

At the convention, which took place April 9-11, Cy and his team spent time talking with as many people as possible, hoping to secure their votes. They also got to know other candidates who were campaigning for office, either as president, vice president, or secretary.

Cy ran for vice president, a position that entails helping to plan meetings, writing for the state student council newsletter, and filling in as needed for the president.

Cy said he was surprised to be elected, but also had a great deal of confidence in his campaign team.

DC’s student council advisors, Dennis Abernathy and Amanda Berg, were impressed by the students’ accomplishments, too.

“This was the first time DC has attended the state convention, and we made quite a splash,” Abernathy noted. “Everyone wanted to know who the heck DC is – and we showed them. These students made their advisors very proud.”

In addition to elections, students participated in other activities throughout the convention weekend.

“We learned a lot from guest speakers,” Cy said. “They shared motivation, and ways to look at life.”

Students also attended a dance, which Cy said was a fun way to relax and make new friends after the votes had been cast.

“A lot of people gave their numbers and Snapchats,” he said.

Cy’s first state student council meeting is set for Tuesday, May 17 in St. Paul. One duty of the executive board will be to plan a state service project.

Cy is also considering attending the national student council convention in Oregon in June.

“We’re talking about that right now,” he said. “It would be a lot of fun.”

Presidential plans
Balancing his activity schedule can be challenging, as Cy plays baseball, basketball, and football, and helps with unified basketball – but he plans to continue with student council his senior year.

“Next year, I would love to be the president,” he said.

At the local level, DC’s student council is involved in many facets of student life.

“We organize events at school, from pep fests to winter Snow Week,” Cy said. “We also recently got laptops, and we discuss ways to manage and maintain them better.”

After high school, Cy plans to study to become an aerospace engineer.

“I’ve always been interested in flight,” he said, adding that he hopes to contribute to defense engineering as a way to give back to America’s military.

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