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Townships tally votes from the March 8 election
March 14, 2016

Associate Editor

WRIGHT, MEEKER COUNTIES, MN – Local townships conducted their annual meetings March 8, and most also had elections that day.

Results are as follows:

Stockholm Township
In Stockholm Township, two supervisor positions and the clerk position were up for election. A total of 172 ballots were cast.

Darlene Lind was re-elected as supervisor with 144 votes, and Andrew Engh was elected as supervisor with 95 votes.

Jody Selseth was re-elected as clerk with 133 votes.

Dassel Township
In Dassel Township, a total of 17 ballots were cast. Karin Colberg was re-elected as clerk with 17 votes, and Erhard Woetzel was re-elected as supervisor with 17 votes.

At the annual meeting, Dassel Township’s levy was set at $330,000. Of that, the capital improvements fund is $175,000, the fire and rescue fund is $36,000, the road/bridge maintenance fund is $79,000, and the general fund is $40,000.

Cokato Township
In Cokato Township, a total of 36 ballots were cast. Brad Morris was re-elected as clerk with 36 votes, and Paul “Mike” Niemela was re-elected as supervisor with 35 votes. There were no write-ins.

The 2017 levy for Cokato Township was set at $355,000 by the residents who attended the annual meeting.

Kingston Township
In Kingston Township, a total of 19 ballots were cast. Dan Schiefelbein was re-elected as supervisor with 18 votes, and Gail Schiefelbein was re-elected as clerk with 19 votes. There were no write-in votes.

During Kingston Township’s annual meeting, residents set the 2017 general fund levy at $58,100, the road/bridge fund at $189,300, the fire protection fund at $40,500, and the reserve fund at $10,000.

Collinwood Township
In Collinwood Township, John Nowak was re-elected supervisor with 39 votes, and Larry Ostlund was reelected as clerk with 36 votes.

During the annual meeting, Collinwood Township set its 2017 levy at $246,000, which is up $1,800 from last year.

French Lake Township
In French Lake Township, a total of 41 ballots were cast. Supervisor Paul Erickson was elected with 38 votes. Breanna Chapman was elected as clerk with 18 votes. Clerk candidate Debbie Schauer received 17 votes, and clerk candidate Rachael Lee Desens received six votes.

Ellsworth Township
In Ellsworth Township, a total of 83 ballots were cast. Gordy Sieffert was re-elected as clerk with 68 votes. Nine ballots were blank, and there were six write-ins.

Dave Tipka was re-elected for a three-year supervisor term with 42 votes. (John Smith received 39 votes, there was one blank ballot, and one write-in.)

The levy for 2017 remained unchanged from the last year.

Darwin Township
Darwin Township has its elections in the fall, but the township still had its annual meeting Tuesday evening.

Clerk Fred Atkinson said the 2017 levy was set with no change from last year, at a total of $324,350. The revenue fund is $23,950, the fire protection fund is $38,000, and the road/bridge fund is $262,400.

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