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Howard Lake introduces new city staff members
Aug. 15, 2016

By Brianna Mathias
Editorial Intern

HOWARD LAKE, MN – The past few months, some new faces have been spotted behind the counter at Howard Lake City Hall.

Meghan Rathkamp and Nola Dickhausen are the two new ladies who have been hired to work on some of the duties of the city.

Back in August of 2014, Rathkamp was hired as a temp.

“I got promoted to my position on June 28 of this year,” she said.

Rathkamp has a degree in accounting, thus her position: city accountant/treasurer.

“This is my first actual accounting job,” Rathkamp said. “Other than this, I’ve worked in retail.”

Her job includes taking care of all the city’s financial duties.

“I do paychecks, help with budget stuff, and work on liquor store finances,” Rathkamp said.

Also beginning in June, Dickhausen joined the staff as a part-time administrative assistant.

“I answer phones, and handle the front counter,” she said. “I do the utility billing.”

Before her job in Howard Lake, Dickhausen said she had worked for the City of Winsted and the City of Victoria.

“I like meeting the residents and getting to know all their different personalities,” Dickhausen said. “I get to see who’s related to who, even though I don’t really know anyone, and I get to learn about the city’s history through people.”

Being a part of the city staff has helped the two to see what goes on behind the scenes.

“It’s really exciting to see how the city is run,” Rathkamp said. “It can be interesting to see how it all works.”

Both of the women agreed that they enjoy their work environment and are comfortable with their new positions.

“It’s really nice here,” Dickhausen said. “The staff is flexible and accommodating. I enjoy the people I am working with.”

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