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Mosquito question causes irritation at Lester Prairie City Council meeting
Sept. 19, 2016

By Ivan Raconteur

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – Discussion about how to cope with mosquitos resulted in a discussion that was sometimes as uncomforable as a person trying to enjoy outdoor acitvities at dusk this summer.

The discussion began when Council Member Tim Dahl made a motion to add one additional mosquito spraying service this year. Each application costs $624. The motion died for lack of a second.

Council Member Bob Messer then suggested the council should look at its mosquito spraying budget for next year.

Mayor Eric Angval argued that this was not a typical year, and he objected the city taking action based on this season.

He also stated that spraying for mosquitos kills more than just mosquitos.

Angvall also asserted that towns that have not sprayed for mosquitos have fewer mosquitos than towns that have sprayed.

Messer said the city has received complaints from residents in other years as well, not just this year.

“Discussing additional spraying isn’t silly or unreasonable,” Messer commented.

Dahl said the council should look at the issue at a future meeting and “take the emotion out of the discussion.”

Dahl suggested increasing the mosquito control budget now, and working out the details for the best use of the funds later.

The council approved doubling the mosquito control budget from $3,500 from both parks and the general fund, to $7,000 from parks and the general fund. The vote was 3-2, with Dahl, Messer, and Council Member Larry Hoof in favor, and Angvall and Council Member Ron Foust opposed.

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