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LP graduate creates nonprofit promoting niceness
Sept. 5, 2016

by Caleb Sebora

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – Be nice to people. That’s the concept that Lee Lemke has been working for his whole adult life.

A 1977 Lester Prairie High School graduate, Lemke earned his degree in sociology from Lakeland University near Sheboygan WI, and, ever since, has been using the concept of being nice to steer his life. He’s been working with nonprofits for 30 years, and has been teaching the power of positive reinforcement for 25, helping and serving those in need.

But it’s that concept of being nice that has pushed Lemke into the next phase of his career – creating his own nonprofit organization.

And what did he name this organization?

World Nice, of course.

World Nice, a certified 501(c)(3) (nonprofit), is an organization whose whole goal is to help make the world a better place and encourage others to be nice to one another. It is based out of Lemke’s home in Glencoe.

“We’re really trying to bring out the positive,” Lemke said about the nonprofit.

A big part of what World Nice does is raise money to donate to people who are making a difference in the world – “people who are going above and beyond,” according to Lemke – so that those people can continue to keep doing good.

The people World Nice strives to help are those everyday people who are doing what they can to help improve the lives of others through their actions and deeds – those people who are doing seemingly small deeds that can have a huge impact.

The process

The way the organization works is a person fills out a nomination form for someone who they think is doing something good in the world. World Nice reviews the application and decides whether or not to donate to that person.

Donating is easy, too. Donors can go to the organization’s website’s homepage, then click the donate button.

“It can be $10, $25, $30 – anything,” said Lemke. “It doesn’t need to be something huge. Anything helps.”

World Nice is not just an organization that wishes simply to raise funds to help others out – it’s an organization that also wishes to encourage others to just simply be nice.

World Nice has a monthly challenge called the “Power of 15,” in which a person garners points for various good deeds completed. Each month features a five-point challenge, a 10-point challenge, and a 15-point challenge. The goal is to get 15 points per month.

People can also do previous months’ challenges, as well. World Nice also encourages those who complete their Power of 15 monthly challenge, or anyone who has done something good, to tell their stories to the organization, so it can post the stories on the organization’s website.

“We want to challenge people to make the world nice,” Lemke said.

To nominate a candidate so World Nice may help them with their mission, to donate, or to try the Power of 15 challenge, follow the link at www.heraldjournal.com.

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