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Delano woman launches Crow River Ink
Jan. 2, 2017


DELANO, MN – Local writers and artists looking to share their work now have another avenue to do so.

It’s called Crow River Ink: Literature & Media, and it’s based right in Delano.

Stephanie Dixon is launching the online publication and is seeking submissions.

“Anyone can submit as long as they have something to say,” Dixon said. “The motto of Crow River Ink is if someone has a story to tell, they should be able to tell it. Through submissions, through email, they can send any genre of writing, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, or art.”

Dixon got the idea for the publication while in college at St. Cloud State University. She had transferred from Minnesota State Mankato her junior year to pursue a degree in English and writing.

“I joined the editing team for the university literary arts magazine, the Upper Mississippi Harvest Literary & Arts Magazine,” Dixon said. “I worked as genre editor and managed the social media page. I really fell in love with editing and publishing. As I got closer to graduation, I said this is something I want to do myself and share with the community. That’s where I first got the idea for an online publishing project.”

Dixon sees the online publication as a starting point, with the goal of launching a print product sometime in 2018.

“To print a literary journal takes a lot of time and money,” Dixon said. “ I’m doing this as a project. I want to see how it goes and see if it grabs people’s attention. In the future, I’d love to do a printed publication. I have limited resources at the moment.”

Dixon is focused on helping local Minnesota writers and artists share their work with others.

“I want to focus on helping local writers and artists get their foot in the door, and help them with future endeavors like that,” Dixon said.

Eventually, the publication could include works from individuals from throughout the Midwest.

Many people have already reached out to Dixon, thanks in part to a post she made to the Delano MN Community Posts Facebook group.

“An organization in Delano, Crow Folk Art House, contacted me to see if I’d be interested in hosting workshops or writing classes, which is pretty exciting,” Dixon said. “ . . . I’m actually surprised by how much attention it’s been getting. I’ve had many people on Facebook and many people I know in real life saying, ‘This is really cool. I had no idea this was happening.’ It’s been overwhelming. I never expected this to take off quickly. I wanted to do it for years. Now that it’s happening, it’s exciting to see it rolling and becoming a reality.”

Individuals interested in submitting work to Crow River Ink may do so by emailing crowriverink@outlook.com.

“We don’t accept rough drafts,” Dixon said. “We want it to be complete, at least in the eyes of the writer.”

There is no strict limit on word counts or file sizes, but Crow River Ink is not currently publishing novels or large, complete works.

Submissions may consist of drama, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or media.

Dixon plans to publish two or three pieces every week or every two weeks.

“It depends on the amount of traffic I get,” Dixon said.

She has three goals for the content.

“We want it to be local, honest, and expressive,” Dixon said. “We want things from your heart that you’re passionate about.”

Individuals will be able to subscribe to the publication at www.crowriverink.com, and can also monitor the Crow River Ink Facebook page for updates.

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