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Delano's newest gym
April 17, 2017


DELANO, MN – Growing up, Kristina Roskowiak learned quickly that her parents were “very big into fitness.”

Her father competitively pedaled his bike across Iowa more than once and ran marathons, sometimes backwards, she said.

An invite from her mother to try a kettlebell class more than six years ago has turned into a career for Roskowiak, who opened the grind at 600 Babcock Blvd. in Delano in mid-March.

She was addicted after her first class at Core Fit ‘N Motion.

“I started going every day,” Roskowiak said. “Finally, the owners, Alan and Renee Wissbroecker, sat me down and said, ‘You’ve been coming every day for a while. You know your stuff. What are your thoughts on teaching?’ They got me into my first kettlebell certification, which was the Russian Kettlebell Challenge. That was in 2011.”

Roskowiak went on to work for the Wissbroeckers for more than five years, earning a level one CrossFit certificate and certification through the World Kettlebell Challenge.

“Then, I had the opportunity to kind of venture on my own with a partner who taught yoga,” Roskowiak said.

She did so until the current space became available.

“This just kind of fell into my lap like it did six years ago when they asked me to teach,” Roskowiak said. “It’s nothing I thought would happen or planned. I’m still just in awe that this is mine and this is happening. It’s crazy, but I like to share what I know and I like to see the gains my clients make and the pure joy they get from coming here.”

The grind utilizes a range of exercises including high intensity, endurance and strength training, kettlebell circuits, and Tabata-style workouts – intense 20-second workouts with 10-second breaks for eight rounds – to help clients reach their goals.

“We measure success by each person’s individual growth toward physical fitness,” Roskowiak said. “The grind is more than just a fitness center. It’s a mentality: The ability to push through physical resistance and mental friction to achieve your goal.”

That has been the case for Roskowiak.

“The grind represents hard work and dedication,” she said. “I have faced and overcome many obstacles to get where I am today. I know what it means to have to grind when things get tough. To see results that ultimately lead to happiness, you have to be able to do one thing: grind.”

Roskowiak decided on the name for her gym after she found this definition of grind: To perform repetitive actions over and over again in order to attain a goal.

Anyone, regardless of age, can do that at the grind.

Children ages 3 to 12 can participate in the Fit Kids class; children 12 and older can participate in the adult class, typically with a parent; high school students can train during the off-season; and adults of all ages and skill levels are welcome.

“Everybody can do it,” Roskowiak said. “There’s always modifications or scaling I’m able to give them.”

She estimates that 75 percent of her clients are women.

“Sometimes it’s hard to get men to join a class,” Roskowiak said. “Once they do, they’re kind of hooked.”

She is working to correct misnomers about kettlebells.

“A lot of people just don’t know what kettlebells are,” Roskowiak said. “They think it’s just a weight or a ball with a handle. It’s far more than that. What you can do with a kettlebell is limitless.”

With the new space, the growth of the grind seems limitless, as well.

“You can’t beat Highway 12 exposure,” Roskowiak said. “I’ve gained 12 clients in three weeks. It’s been very positive. It’s a bigger space. It’s two-and-a-half times what I had. That definitely helps. Having a separate room for kids definitely helps. Lots of moms come. There’s usually at least one child here. Sometimes, there’s more children than clients.”

Having a space where children are welcome is important to Roskowiak, who has a 9-year-old son, Noah Weinzerl, and 3-year-old daughter, Stella Roskowiak.

The grind offers monthly memberships; 10-class packages; and discounts for children, high school students, and couples.

For more information, like the grind on Facebook.

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