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New, but not inexperienced
Jan. 2, 2017

By Ivan Raconteur

HOWARD LAKE, MN – A lot of new members will take the oath of office on local city councils this month, but one of these will be a very familiar face.

Gene Gilbert will take her place on the Howard Lake City Council in January, but this will be far from her first meeting.

Gilbert served as Howard Lake’s city clerk for 36 years before retiring from that position in May 2016. One of her duties as clerk was to attend council meetings, which makes her much more familiar with the process than most newly-elected officials.

“I feel my experience as clerk/treasurer and working with a number of city councils has given me a very good understanding of the responsibilities of being a member of the council,” Gilbert noted when she ran for the office.

“The city is currently working on a number of projects, and I am anxious to have input regarding those projects.

“I will encourage open communication and cooperation with local organizations, business owners, residents, and city employees.”

“Most folks do not realize how important the city clerk, and in particular, Gene Gilbert, is to the City of Howard Lake,” City Administrator Nick Haggenmiller noted. “It’s a job that stays out of the limelight, but nearly every city function in some form concerns her efforts. In her career and largely because of her stewardship, the city has maintained a strong financial position, weathered two recessions, and seen strong but steady growth.”

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