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HL royalty program to celebrate 40 years
March 20, 2017

By Starrla Cray
Associate Editor

HOWARD LAKE, MN – A girl doesn’t have to be the “princess” type to represent the community of Howard Lake.

Chelsea Smith, for instance, who describes herself as a “tomboy,” remembers seeing a flyer at school advertising the royalty program, and thinking, “That looks kind of fun.”

Some people told her she wasn’t cut out for the job, but she decided to prove them wrong.

It worked, and in 2012, Smith was chosen as Miss Howard Lake.

Smith later went to college for dairy operations management, and is now working on a dairy farm in Cokato.

“The [royalty] program helped me so much,” Smith said. “I was really shy, and it helped me open up.”

Last year, when Smith heard program coordinator Marianne Bobrowski was retiring, she and Danielle Buttenhoff stepped up to help.

Now, Smith and Buttenhoff are running the program on their own.

Buttenhoff was a Howard Lake princess in 2013-14, and is currently finishing her degree in meeting and event planning. Her career goal is to become a wedding planner.

Buttenhoff said the Howard Lake royalty program helps build a strong resumé, and also provides educational help through scholarships.

“It was a great opportunity for me, and I really learned a lot – how to be professional and speak in public,” she said.

The program is also flexible, working around girls’ school schedules.

If someone is considering becoming a candidate this year, Smith said “they won’t regret it.”

Eligible candidates must be between 17 and 20 years old by July 1, 2017. They can either live in Howard Lake, or be a student at Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted High School.

The Howard Lake royalty committee crowns one queen and one or two princesses each year.

Judging is based on five criteria, including acceptance of duties and responsibilities, appearance, communication skills, personality, and poise.

To learn more, email hlroyalty@hotmail.com.

Royalty since ‘76

The Howard Lake royalty program began in 1976-77. Since there was no royalty in 1977, the program will celebrate its 40th year in 2018.

Below are Howard Lake queens and princesses of the past:

• 1976 – Lee Ann Hagian Caristed, Margaret Stoll Marketon

• 1978 – Carla Munson Hausladen, Nancy Kottke Anderson

• 1979 – Susan Luhman Michael, Lori Birkholz Welle

• 1980 – Julie Broll Mader, Louise Adickes Woodberry

• 1981 – Patty Hayden Norberg, Kelly Hess Lindland and Carol Diers Davis

• 1982 – Brenda Custer Dalbec, Ruth Wackler Young and Debbie Drusch Vialpando

• 1983 – Dawn Hauser Keller, Kara Diederich Reiser

• 1984 – Wendy Youngren, Karen Hausladen Loomis

• 1985 – Pam MIller Overland, Janet Lutter Henjum and Rachelle Lorentz Ebner

• 1986 – Carrie Reimer LePage, Carol Sawatzke Tongen and Jill Diers Wrobbel

• 1987 – Suzanne Atkinson Erickson, Jennifer Langren Hatrick and Lissa Levang Gatz

• 1988 – Connie Schmieg Baumann, Kristi Main and Kari Hauser Hawkins

• 1989 – Mindy Montgomery Shulfer, Tammy Waddell Hulett and Lisa Dalbec Fiecke

• 1990 – Karen Brabek Lueck, Kim Schmieg Rokala

• 1991 – Jennifer Munson Wikoff, Kim Schultz Mester and Debbie Ostvig

• 1992 – Jody Diers Schendel, Jammie Berg Hernandez and Marey Montgomery Woolhouse

• 1993 – Suzie Schultz Meier, Tracy Laney Strub and Cari Berg Backes

• 1994 – Collette Diers Thorson, Jennifer Luhman Christopherson

• 1995 – Holly Kleve Gallagher, Lisa Schmieg Erickson and NIcole Glessing Hills

• 1996 – Tanya Brose Golka, Lisa Gabbert Ogle and Kristy Mahlstedt Cardinal

• 1997 – Julie Ringold Smola, Janet Marketon Demuth Debbie Stoll, and Karen Marketon Swartzer (Miss Congeniality)

• 1998 – Sara Fall Elson, Alisha Painschab and Emily Sorsoleil Butryn

• 1999 – Kelly Foss Burau, Sallie Fall Bellicot

• 2000 – Michele Confeld Zimmerman, Heather Ostvig, and Miranda Painschab Winker

• 2001 – Kelly Brose Sonderby, Amy Kozitka, and Kari Mattson Volk

• 2002 – Candice Berg Dolan, Belinda Jo Painschab Estrem, and Danielle Stoll

• 2003 – Suzie Zander Koosman, Cortney Jensen Berg, and Amber Uecker Gullickson

• 2004 – Jenna Jones Kluver, Jacklin Hubbell, and Camie Bernick

• 2005 – Maddie Kaye, Morgan Kleve, and Ashlee Bren Weiers

• 2006 – Natalie Swanson, Katie Park, and Becky Decker Asfeld

• 2007 – Krystal Gatz, Tiffany Drusch, and Brittany Streich

• 2008 – Brittney Utne, Jackie Randall, and junior attendant McCall Kleve

• 2009 – Ellen Korsbon, Christine Bobrowske

• 2010 – Amber Zubrod, Sarah Randall

• 2011 – Danielle Lachermeier, Shannon Fall

• 2012 – Chelsea Smith, Kaitlyn Peterson, and Ariel Zubrod

• 2013 – Benenon Shannon, Danielle Buttenhoff, and Lexie Leukuma

• 2014 – Marissa Woolhouse, Katie Utne, and Brooklyn Bangasser

• 2015 – Destine Butturf, Lexi Jo McAlpine, and Joslyn Munson

• 2016 (current) – Kaitlyn Marschel and Courtney Uecker

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