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New community service officer happy to serve Howard Lake
May 8, 2017

Nan Royce
Staff Writer

HOWARD LAKE, MN – Law enforcement runs deep in Derick Boese’s blood and family.

Howard Lake’s new community service officer had a grandfather who was with the CIA, and a grandmother who worked undercover in Honduras.

Although there was a momentary tangent during which he thought about becoming a pilot, a career in law enforcement has been a goal of Boese’s for a long time.

Boese, the eldest of eight siblings, grew up in Colorado. He took a criminal justice class offered by his high school, and fell in love with law enforcement during a ride-along with a police officer.

“I just have a mind set to make a difference,” Boese said. “I believe this is a calling. I’ve had a firm vision for this since I was 15.”

At the age of 16, Boese participated in the Colorado State Patrol’s youth academy. The experience allowed him to drive law enforcement vehicles, participate in a variety of career-related field trips, and practice shooting.

The academy hosted a graduation for its students, and Boese knew for sure law enforcement was the way to go.

“That experience gave me a taste of what it would be like to graduate from academy,” he said. “It was cool to get to practice those experiences.”

Boese eventually landed at Crown College in St. Bonifacius, happy that he could continue to pursue his enjoyment of soccer while getting his law enforcement degree.

Boese met Howard Lake Police Chief Dave Thompson about two years ago at a chapel service on the Crown campus. At the conclusion of the service, Boese sought Thompson out. The pair chatted, had lunch, and Boese gave Thompson a campus tour.

Eventually, Boese applied to be a member of the Howard Lake police reserve.

He began serving in that capacity in 2015. He recalls getting to work security at the county fair, and riding in the squad car to help with medical calls. “It was a unique experience,” he said.

Boese’s next step was to land a position as a community service officer. He said CSO positions are in high demand, and are quite hard to land.

He was ecstatic to become Howard Lake’s chosen CSO in March.

Boese said a CSO functions much like an intern for law enforcement staff.

His duties while on the job include animal control, city code enforcement, patrolling city parks, and transporting crime evidence.

Boese may also have the opportunity to help residents with vehicle lock-outs, and to provide traffic control. He can also assist officers on medical calls.

So far, Boese has most enjoyed taking a stray cat to Buffalo, which he described as “getting to do an actual police experience on my own.”

He also spent time cruising city streets, making a list of properties that are in violation of various city ordinances.

His work will result in letters being sent to residents who are not in compliance, giving them 10 days to fix their issues.

Boese said he has yet to be scared in any law enforcement situation, but has been nervous a time or two.

Overall, the 21-year-old is just very grateful for the chance to work the 12-hour per week CSO position in Howard Lake.

“Chief Thompson really gave me a chance,” he said. “I appreciate him looking at the big picture and giving a young guy this opportunity.”

Boese’s habit of thinking ahead continues. He’s pondering going to school for a master’s degree in intelligence at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. He has dreams of working as a full-time patrol officer in Colorado or Minnesota, or maybe even working for the federal government. He might also like to teach someday.

Boese humbly mentioned that he is the first high school graduate in his family. He’s the first college graduate in his family, too.

“My mom is very supportive,” he said. “She’s very proud.”

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