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Sheriff's office recognizes area residents, officers
May 22, 2017


BUFFALO, MN – After a string of burglaries in Delano in early fall of 2016, calls from Marlene Kittock and Holly Schrupp led authorities to the individual believed to be responsible for those burglaries.

“The two had noticed an individual sitting on a picnic table watching citizens come and go from a business, possibly drinking alcohol, and he had been there for an extended period of time,” Sgt. Ryan Ferguson said. “Upon deputies’ arrival, the individual quickly entered the business, leaving a backpack behind. Marlene Kittock contacted dispatch for a second time, letting them know the location of the individual. The deputies’ investigation resulted in the arrest of that individual for several burglaries, and also possession of a stolen handgun.”

Kittock and Schrupp received letters of recognition for their efforts during Tuesday’s Wright County Board meeting.

Several others from the Delano Herald Journal coverage area were also recognized, including Fred Reimer, of Montrose.

When Reimer became a reserve deputy in 1965, his duties included providing security detail for Vice President Hubert Humphrey, who lived in Waverly, and patrolling the dike in Delano.

Sheriff Joe Hagerty recognized Reimer for 52 years of service to the Wright County Sheriff’s Office.

Hagerty noted that when Sheriff Darrell Wolfe started the reserves in 1965, when Reimer joined, they were paid 50 cents an hour, “but they never saw any of that money. It was put into a fund that supplied their uniforms. They carried firearms back then.”

In 1983, Reimer started patrolling Wright County parks, something he continues to do.

“He’ll be basically retiring,” Hagerty said. “He also worked as a dispatcher. Fred has seen it all.”

“I feel like I’m leaving my family,” Reimer said.

Deputy Glenn Gerads received a commendation award for his response to the Feb. 15 fire at Rosehaven Apartments in Montrose.

“After entering the building, Deputy Gerads located an unconscious female lying outside of her apartment door,” Ferguson said. “Deputy Gerads picked the woman up and carried her out of the building to a nearby sidewalk, where another deputy started administering oxygen.”

Gerads than checked the perimeter of the building, knocking on windows to wake up residents and help them escape.

“Deputy Gerads located an eldery male attempting to get out of a window on the back side of the property, who was unable to,” Ferguson said. “Deputy Gerads then bear-hugged that individual and carried him out of his window.”

Former Wright County Deputy Jim Hudek accepted a citizen letter of recognition on behalf of his son, Jonathan Hudek.

The younger Hudek had witnessed a driver flee from his vehicle after a Jan. 23 routine traffic stop in Montrose, chased him through a yard, and detained him until the deputy could arrive after detaining the passenger of the vehicle.

“Just a chip off the old block,” Hagerty said. “Jim taught me how to catch people like that. We don’t recommend citizens do this.”

“When Jonathan told me about it, I chastised him,” Jim Hudek said.

Other Wright County officers and residents receiving awards were:

• Deputy Andrew Minea for extinguishing a fire in a restaurant Nov. 16, 2016.

• Reserve Deputy George Rowe for identifying and reporting a vehicle sought in connection with a homicide.

• Alex Zhukouski, Cheyenne Tuttle, Irma Lozano, and Sarah Parent for rendering aid to classmates who were struck by a vehicle while waiting for a bus in Otsego Jan. 19.

• Hans Hoeg and Ryan Zylstra for finding a missing child Jan. 5, 2016.

• Michael and Peter Scharber for rescuing two hunters whose boat had capsized on Pelican Lake Oct. 12, 2016.

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