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New Dassel business focuses on wellness in all aspects of life
March, 27, 2017

By Jennifer Von Ohlen
Staff Writer

Wanting to provide a local place where people can improve their mental and physical wellness, Sundee Kuechle and her husband Adam Gedde opened a new business called Sol.

“There’s something to be said for incorporating wellness in all areas of your life,” said Kuechle. “What you put on your body, what you put in your body, what you’re doing with your body, your professional wellness, your emotional wellness, [and] your spiritual wellness.”

Sol is located as 261 Atlantic Avenue in Dassel, where another wellness business – specializing in oils and fitness classes – known as The Well, used to be.

The Well was owned and operated by Dawn Gillman, who closed her doors earlier this year in pursuit of taking her oil business on the road via speaking events, conferences, and other opportunities.

When Kuechle learned The Well would be closing, she was reminded of how special the space was.

“It just feels really good in here and really relaxing, and I remember seeing people in here kind of as a community gathering for classes,” she said. “I just didn’t want to see this place, this really special, interesting, neat, beautiful place Dawn had created, close.”

She added, “I was inspired to think about it. To think, ‘I wonder if we could do this for the community.’ And now we’re here.”

In looking back on the series of events that led Kuechle and Gedde to this point, both were in awe at the timing of everything.

With their youngest child attending school full time this coming fall, Kuechle and Gedde wondered what they were going to do; what was going to happen with this new position they had not been in for more than 13 years.

As it turned out, both of them were feeling anxious to do something different, and shortly thereafter, Gillman announced her business closing.

“I don’t think we went into it thinking, ‘hey let’s do something really crazy now,” said Kuechle. “It had been a dream of mine to have a small business and create community likeness, and the relationship [I had] with Dawn helped, because she actually helped me really envision myself here. She was very supportive and encouraging . . . She was very gracious and really [helped] us get in here.”

Daily wellness

While some of The Well’s offerings will still be available at Sol, such as Young Living oils, the business will offer new opportunities as well, including new classes, Market Saturday (vendors), coworking, and organic, earth-friendly, local, or handmade products.

In selecting their product line, Kuechle and Gedde decided to make it personal in only choosing items with which they have a history, and therefore, a story. Some of those products include skin care and beauty items, UrbanHalo headbands, yoga bricks, and decorative pieces.

“The collection we have today is small, but the vision is to continue to bring unique products here into this space that are ultimately focused on helping people live the better life that they want,” said Gedde.

In addition to more products, Sol has a variety of evening fitness classes, including Tai Chi, REFIT, P90X, and Insanity.

Kuechle also offers has a morning Spanish class for preschoolers, and hopes to possibly add an adult course in the future.

All classes can be found online at www.solwellnes.co. No pre-registration is needed for the fitness classes at this time.

Professional well-being

In addition to improving health in one’s personal life, Sol’s offers a coworking service geared toward bringing wellness into one’s professional life.

Coworking is a relatively new concept in which individuals can have a convenient, designated space to work that they may not have otherwise, such as commuters, entrepreneurs, innovators, students, or other professionals.

“So, even though a person may be able to work from home, they do not necessarily have to work at home,” Gedde explained, who has worked remotely for seven years, and was looking for a change in his work setting to something other than the farmhouse.

“You’re so rarely going to get 100 percent of what you need from a job,” he stated. “Nobody is out there working the perfect dream job. It doesn’t exist unless and until you make that for yourself. So, you kinda get these side jobs and other projects and mush all this together and come up with the professional life that is both fulfilling to you but also fulfilling to other people, and that’s ultimately what was missing for me.”

Gedde believes having coworking available in Dassel will also help local professionals to achieve more in their own work.

“It is no secret that the businesses that are the most successful have employees who are [the] most highly engaged,” he explained, adding that studies have shown engagement often comes down to flexibility.

For employees who commute regularly to their job or work from home, Gedde said Sol could help make that flexibility possible in supplying a space nearby that is not amidst the action taking place at home.

“I wanted to bring that to this community and provide a great place to work for people who live here, but don’t want to drive in every day,” Gedde said.

Sol currently has two enclosed offices available for use or rent, as well as a large area with tables set up. The building is equipped with fast internet, a color printer, conference room, and other amenities.

“I always think of it as making a deposit back in the bank,” stated Gedde. “You spend up to a certain point in your career withdrawing from that metaphorical bank, and at some point, if you’re able to, to the extent that you can, you should fundamentally deposit back in the bank; give something back [to the community].”

Regular coworking hours have yet to be established. Weekly schedules can be found on Sol’s website, or can be made available on demand by calling (320) 626-3500.

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