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Attorney joins Winsted practice
Dec. 29, 2017

By Starrla Cray
Associate Editor

WINSTED – Fran Eggert isn’t the only attorney in Winsted anymore. Earlier this month, he announced that Brian Gillis has joined him in the practice of law.

“I’m not retiring, but I was looking to cut back,” Eggert said, explaining that it’s been great having another experienced lawyer helping in the office.

The new name of the firm is Eggert & Gillis, PLLC. The location is the same, at 182 Main Ave. W. in downtown Winsted.

Gillis has been practicing law since 1989. He was initially attracted to the profession after seeing “The Paper Chase,” a 1973 movie about a first-year student at Harvard Law School.

“I always loved to argue,” Gillis said. “Then, I took a business law class in college, and that’s what really hooked me. I thought, ‘this is fun.’”

Gillis started his career as a state prosecutor in central Florida. Later on, he went into private practice, litigating in the areas of real estate, bankruptcy, business, and more.

Although Gillis grew up in Orlando, his wife is a Hutchinson-native. The couple visited Minnesota every summer for more than two decades. About seven years ago, the family moved to Hutchinson. Once there, Gillis began working for The Legal Professionals in Hutchinson.

Gillis met Eggert a few years ago, while they were both working on a civil case.

“I liked how he operated,” Gillis recalled. “He’s a nice guy, and professional.”

When Eggert indicated he was looking for help, Gillis reached out, knowing that they would work well together.

“I think Brian is going to be a really good fit,” Eggert said. “He likes to solve problems, and that’s a big part of what we do.”

Eggert explained that most of their clients are looking to get a problem solved through negotiations or by going to trial. The goal is to avoid litigation whenever possible, he added.

Eggert has been practicing law for more than 40 years. He retired from his part-time role as a public defender in 2016, and is currently concentrating on his private practice, as well as continuing to serve as Winsted’s city attorney.

By having Gillis join his practice, Eggert said he hopes to maintain an office in Winsted for years to come. Gillis has been enjoying his time in Winsted so far, and said he’s looking forward to getting to know more people in the community.

Eggert & Gillis, PLLC is engaged in the general practice of law, including real estate, personal injury, trusts, wills, probate and probate avoidance, commercial litigation, municipal law, and criminal defense. The office can be reached at (320) 485-3880.

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