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Jordan Goodman is happy to be HL’s new community service officer
Aug. 17, 2018

Steven Young

HOWARD LAKE, MN – Jordan Goodman, 31, was recently appointed as Howard Lake Police Department’s new community service officer (CSO). A CSO responds to calls that don’t require a licensed peace officer.

Goodman’s duties include animal control, traffic control, abandoned/found property, crime scene security, parking enforcement, city code enforcement, medical calls, delivery of documents/evidence, squad car repairs, special events, and assisting licensed officers in a variety of police matters.

When he received the news of being the new CSO, Goodman was rather surprised, at the time only being a reserve officer from 2017 to 2018. Chief Thompson offered the position to Goodman after the former CSO left for the Army, and Goodman gladly accepted.

While Goodman isn’t able to do everything that other law enforcement officers are able to, he’s perfectly happy to protect and serve his community in this position.

At first, Goodman wasn’t even on the path to law enforcement. A chance ride-along in Florida was all it took to change his mind.

Changing directions

Goodman graduated from Watertown-Mayer High School in 2005. He then moved to Orlando, FL in February 2007. He returned to Minnesota in April 2017.

Florida had a lot of appeal for Goodman and he fit in quickly.

While he was in Orlando, Goodman wanted to become a firefighter.

He initially had no interest in law enforcement, as he had never given it much thought.

When things didn’t work out with firefighting, Goodman had an opportunity to do a 12-hour ride along in August 2016 with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The ride-along took place in the tourist district, and it appealed to Goodman so much that he knew for sure that he wanted to get into law enforcement.

Although he found Florida action-packed and exciting, Goodman decided that eventually, he’d have to come back home to pursue his dream and to be closer to his family and friends.

Goodman enjoys outdoor activities such as four-wheeling, hunting, canoeing, boating, and camping. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and going to the beach.

He loves watching and playing football. In Florida, he played in a football league for a number of years.

His family includes his parents, Robert and Deborah Goodman; and siblings Andrew, Melissa, Scott, and Hannah Goodman. Goodman is the oldest of the siblings. He has one nephew, 5-year-old Sam, who is his sister Melissa’s son.

Future plans

While Florida was the start of Goodman’s newfound passion in law enforcement, he hasn’t earned a degree in this subject of interest. He’s currently in the process of earning that degree in law enforcement at Ridgewater College, and expects to graduate in the spring.

While he is looking forward to his new position, Goodman’s ultimate goal is to become a K9 officer, which calls for law enforcement professionals to partner with a police dog in the execution of their duties. These dogs can fulfill duties such as detecting illegal substances or sniffing out evidence through the use of scent tracking.

Officers have to agree to the additional responsibility of training and caring for their police dog.

Goodman has a 5-year-old Labrador retriever named Skye. She is his first dog, and caring for her has helped him realize that he would like to become a K9 officer.

Goodman loves the small-town atmosphere of Howard Lake and the police department. He’s gotten to know the department well and enjoys working with the various officers. He is looking forward to his new journey as the new CSO in Howard Lake.

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