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96 percent of LP seniors satisfied with career planning help received
June 29, 2018

Ivan Raconteur

LESTER PRAIRIE – Lester Prairie High School Principal Nat Boyer presented the results of a senior exit survey during the June 18 Lester Prairie School Board meeting.

The survey shows 82 percent of seniors planned to pursue post secondary education immediately after high school, while 14 percent planned to enter the workforce, and 4 percent opted to join the military.

Ninety-six percent of the seniors gave a passing grade to the quality of the assistance they received in the selection of a path to follow after graduation.

All of the seniors gave a passing grade to the learning environment at Lester Prairie High School.

When asked if their teachers held them to high standards and demanded quality work, 82 percent said yes, and 18 percent said no. Boyer said this shows most teachers are demanding quality work, but improvement is needed.

Boyer also noted that students in the senior class were involved in a wide array of school activities.

Eighty-nine percent of students said the school is clean, orderly, and well maintained.

Ninety-three percent said the school provides a safe, drug-free environment.

Students were asked if teachers provided them with frequent feedback regarding academic performance. Although 100 percent gave this a passing grade, only 57.2 percent graded it B or higher, compared to 76 percent in 2017.

Boyer said it is necessary for the school to provide more relevant and clear examples of feedback in a more timely manner, and this will continue to be a focus for teachers during evaluations.

Students were asked to grade how the school prepared them in various subjects.

In math, 72 percent graded this B or higher, the same as in 2017.

Social studies slipped from 76 percent of students grading it B or higher in 2017, to 39 percent this year. Boyer said the school needs to keep this as a focus and get it back above 70 percent, where it has consistently been in the past.

Preparation for performing arts was graded B or higher by 64 percent of seniors, the same as in 2017.

Fifty-percent of seniors graded science preparation B or higher, up from 44 percent last year. Boyer said the school is doing below average and needs to keep science as a focus, as it looks to provide more opportunities in this area.

Eighty-nine percent of seniors rated preparation in writing and use of technology B or higher, up slightly from last year.

When asked if they had been able to meet with the school counselor to discuss career plans each year, 71 percent of seniors gave this a grade of B or higher, up from 56 percent last year. Boyer said the school is seeing improvements in this area, and he believes this will improve significantly with the newly-created half-time dean of students position, plus the addition of Greater Minnesota Family Services.

Odds and ends

In other business, the board:

• approved the 2019 senior class trip to Orlando, FL, including stops at Disney parks, Universal Studios, the Kennedy Space Center, and Coco Beach.

• heard from Boyer a total of 612 weekly Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) winners were drawn this school year. The program encourages positive behavior.

• approved Trent Sukalki as the athletic director/dean of students for the 2018-19 school year.

• approved Paige Aldrich as a summer school teacher.

• approved contracts for the following extracurricular assignments: Joe Scoblic, head football coach; Adam Birkholz, assistant football coach; Derek Zebell, assistant football coach; Tyler Helland, additional football coach; Bill Neubarth, junior high football coach; Wes Kapping, junior high football coach; Kelly Elling, junior varsity volleyball coach; Chase Dennehy, C-squad volleyball coach; Kaitlyn Larson, junior high volleyball coach; Jacob Oie, head cross country coach; Mike Lee, junior high cross country coach; Cheryl Bayerl, football cheerleading coach; Julie Olson, fall play advisor; Troy Feltmann, media coordinator; Tina Trudeau-Scherer, head volleyball coach; and Kim DeBruyckere, school yearbook advisor.

• approved the Lester Prairie staff handbook for 2018-19.

• approved the following policies:

201-Legal status of the school board (3-year), no change;

202-School board officers (3-year), no change;

203-Operation of the school board (3-year), no change;

209-Code of ethics (3-year), no change;

400.1-General staff policies (3-year), no change;

404-Employment Background checks (3-year), no change;

407-Employee right to know exposure to hazardous substances (3-year), no change;

410-Family and medical leave policy (annual), no change;

413-Harassment and violence (annual), change Title IX coordinator;

414-Mandated reporting of child neglect or physical or sexual abuse (annual), no change;

415-Mandated reporting of maltreatment of vulnerable adults (annual), no change;

418.1-Drug free workplace (3-year), no change;

419-Tobacco Free Environment (3-year), no change;

420-Students and employees with STI’s and D’s and certain other communicable diseases and infectious conditions (3-year), no change;

500.1-General student policies (3-year), no change;

506-Student discipline (annual), no change;

514-Bullying prohibition policy (annual), no change;

519-Interviews of students by outside agencies (3-year), no change;

521-Student disability non-discrimination (3-year), change name of Title IX coordinator;

522-Student sex non-discrimination (annual), change names for AD and Title IX coordinator;

524-Internet acceptable use and safety policy (annual), no change;

531-The Pledge of allegiance (3-year), no change;

606-Textbooks and instructional materials (3-year), no change;

616-School district system accountability (annual), no change.

707-Transportation of public school students (3-year), no change;

715-Administration and use of district-owned vehicles (3-year), no change; and

800.1-Use of buildings and property (3-year), change year for custodial rate.

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