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Delano School Board gets organized for 2018
Jan. 12, 2017


DELANO, MN – Each January, the Delano School Board takes time to elect officers, appoint members to committees, and make annual designations.

This organizational meeting took place Monday.

Four members received new titles as Vice Chair Mark Larson was elected to succeed Amy Johnson as chair, Treasurer Lisa Seguin was elected as vice chair, and Director Corey Black was elected to serve as treasurer.

Carolyn Milano will continue serving as clerk.

Compensation for the board will remain unchanged. Board members receive $60 per regular meeting; $25 per committee meeting, work session, and special meeting; and $12.50 per hour after two hours – not to exceed $100 – for non-regular meetings.

In addition, the chair receives $300 per year and the clerk receives $250 per year.

Committee appointments
Nearly all committee appointments went unchanged for 2018. Changes include Director Rachel Depa replacing Larson on the District Advisory Committee, Depa replacing Black as alternate on the Elementary Site Base Committee, Black replacing Johnson on the High School Site Base Committee, Director Al Briesemeister becoming Depa’s alternate on the Safe Schools Committee, and Depa becoming the district’s representative for Schools for Equity in Education, while Milano will serve as alternate. In addition, Johnson and Briesemeister will serve as members of Delano’s newly created Spirit of Community Commission.

Annual designations
The board named the Delano Herald Journal as the district’s official newspaper.

The board approved the State Bank of Delano, Minnesota Lakes Bank, 21st Century Bank, Wells Fargo, Minnesota School District Liquid Asset Fund, PMA Securities, Inc./Minnesota Trust, and US Bank Corporate Trust Services as official depositories.

The board named Rupp, Anderson, Squires, and Waldspurger P.A. as the district’s official attorneys and Dick Grinley as local attorney. Larson, Superintendent Matt Schoen, and Business Manager Mary Reeder are authorized to contact those attorneys.

Schoen and Reeder also have the authority to make electronic fund transfers, as does the district’s accountant, human relations specialist, and payroll specialist.

Schoen was authorized to access the Minnesota Department of Education secure websites for Delano Public Schools.

Reeder and the Delano Elementary School administrative assistants are authorized to provide signatures for the elementary activity fund.

The board approved prepayment of bills to avoid penalties and finance charges, reimburse employees, obtain discounts, and pay for pre-approved contracts.

The mileage reimbursement rate will be the Internal Revenue Services rate of 54.5 cents per mile.

The board renewed the district’s membership in the Minnesota School Board Association, Meeker and Wright Special Education Co-op, Schools for Equity in Education, Wright Technical Center, Central Minnesota Education Research and Development Council, Resource Training and Solutions, Minnesota State High School League, and Sherburne-Wright Educational Technology Cooperative.

The board approved its operating protocol, which has been updated. It can be viewed on the district’s website.

The school board will meet the fourth Monday of each month at Delano City Hall beginning at 5:45 p.m., with the exception of May 21 due to Memorial Day and December 17 due to winter break. The December meeting will be in the Delano High School media center.

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