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Townships elect officers, set direction
March 16, 2018

By Starrla Cray
Associate Editor

WRIGHT COUNTY, MEEKER COUNTY, MN – Local townships set their budgets Tuesday evening, and many also elected clerks and supervisors to new terms.

Collinwood Township

In Collinwood Township, 36 people voted. Supervisor David Prieve was re-elected with 36 votes and Clerk Larry Ostlund was re-elected with 33 votes. There were two write-ins.

The levy for 2019 was set at $249,000, which is an increase of $3,000 compared to last year. The extra money will be used for dust coating roads at intersections.

Stockholm Township

Stockholm Township had three positions up for election this year – two supervisor positions and the clerk position. A total of 114 people voted. Keaton Danielson was elected as supervisor with 98 votes, Greg Howell was elected as supervisor with 61 votes, and Jody Selseth was re-elected as clerk with 94 votes.

The levy for 2019 will stay the same as last year, at $290,000.

French Lake Township

In French Lake Township, 32 people voted. Patrick Lantto was re-elected as supervisor with 28 votes. This was a write-in election. (Lantto re-filed, but his filing did not include a phone number and was therefore invalid.) There was one vote for “Boo L.,” one for “Paul Erickson,” one for “Lantto,” and one blank ballot.

The total levy was approved at $295,000, which includes $155,000 for roads/bridges, $60,000 for general expenses, $55,000 for fire protection, and $25,000 for equipment.

In early 2018, the purchase of a new township plow truck to replace the current plow of 13 years was approved. The plow truck will be ready before the 2018-19 snow season, Clerk Breanna Chapman noted. The purchase will be made using the current balance of investments and the equipment fund account, with remaining amounts coming from the road/bridge fund as necessary.

Dassel Township

In Dassel Township, 20 people voted. Kevin Rossow was re-elected as supervisor with 20 votes, and Karin Colberg was re-elected as clerk with 19 votes.

The total levy was approved at $350,000, which is an increase of $20,000 compared to last year. The levy includes $175,000 for the road/bridge capital fund, $89,000 for the road/bridge maintenance fund, $46,000 for the fire protection fund, and $40,000 for the general fund.

Ellsworth Township

In Ellsworth Township, 27 people voted. David Jutz was re-elected as supervisor with 26 votes. There was one abstention. Lori Johnson was elected to the clerk position with 27 votes.

The levy was set at $205,000 for road improvement/maintenance (up $5,000 compared to last year), $46,000 for fire protection (same as last year), and $23,000 for the general fund (same as last year).

Township information is posted on the Meeker County website under the Ellsworth Township page.

Kingston Township

In Kingston Township, Robert Christofferson was re-elected as supervisor for a three-year term, and Gail Schiefelbein was re-elected as clerk for a two-year term. Each of them had 16 votes.

The levy was set at $184,600 for the road/bridge fund, $65,050 for the general fund, and $54,756 for the fire fund. The fire fund increased $1,897 from last year, and the other funds decreased.

Cokato Township

In Cokato Township, Dean Mahlstedt was re-elected for a three-year supervisor term with 41 votes; Dan Bravinder was re-elected for a one-year supervisor term with 43 votes, and Brad Morris was re-elected for a two-year clerk term with 35 votes.

Township residents approved the levy at $391,000.

Darwin Township

Darwin Township’s levy was set at $324,350, which is the same as the past two years. This includes $262,400 for the road/bridge fund, $38,000 for fire and rescue, and $23,950 for the revenue fund.

Elections will take place in the fall.

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