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Delano City Council outlines vision, mission, goals
March 8, 2019


DELANO, MN – After about 15 years, the City of Delano’s vision statement has been updated.

The city council approved the change, as well as the city’s core strategies, objectives, mission statement, values, short-term goals, and more Tuesday.

“Delano is an inclusive community, rich in heritage and natural beauty, while providing a safe and progressive environment in which to live, work, and play,” according to the new vision statement. “Its spirit of community and small-town charm provide opportunities for an innovative and diverse population.”

Those strategies are:

• to provide comprehensive services to meet community needs.

• to maintain financial sustainability and fiscal stewardship.

• conscientious asset and infrastructure management.

• to manage sustainable and planned growth.

• to foster an engaged and informed community.

• to ensure a high-performing team of public servants.

• to manage a safe and healthy community.

• to maintain and protect community strengths.

Its mission is “to continue to provide the highest quality public services that effectively address changing citizen and community needs in a fiscally responsible and friendly manner,” according to the city’s mission statement.

The city prioritizes 10 values:

• Excellence and quality in the delivery of services

• Fiscal responsibility

• Ethics and integrity

• Equality and justice

• Open and honest communication

• Cooperation and teamwork

• Professionalism

• Visionary leadership and planning

• Creativity and innovation

• Human potential

That final value was added in 2019 following feedback from staff and the Spirit of Community Commission. Its description states, “We value that Delano is stronger when every citizen has a safe and healthy environment in which they have the opportunity to thrive.”

The city has eight short-term goals that it aims to achieve in the next two or three years and, in some cases, beyond:

• Promote lifestyle housing

• Address Delano Municipal Utilities and public works building and storage space

• Advocate for Highway 12 updates

• Improve visibility and accessibility of city services

• Identify purpose or rehabilitation of the Heritage Center

• Ground break the business park and attract additional development

• Provide more responsiveness to zoning issues

• Create a trail- and sidewalk-maintenance plan

The city’s list of goals started with 31 different proposals that were voted on by city staff and city council members. While the eight goals are priorities, others on the list can still be completed within the year.

Those additional goals, as well as a number of highlights, challenges, areas for improvement, council and staff roles can be found by following the link at www.delanoheraldjournal.com.

Odds and ends

In other business, the council:

• tabled the execution of a cooperative agreement with Wright County for Wright County Road 30 improvements, as city staff works to identify who is doing what and paying for what.

• approved a $90,410 reduction of the letter of credit for Highland Ridge Fourth Addition.

• approved a resolution regarding monetary limits on municipal tort liability coverage through the League of Minnesota Cities. The city is not waiving the statutory tort limits, which has been the approach in recent years.

• appointed Delano Fire Department captains. They are Captain 1 Mike Mellgren through Dec. 31, 2021; Captain 2 Matt Van Lith through Dec. 31, 2022; Captail 3 Ryan Lazenby through Dec. 31, 2019; and Captain 4 Dale Kimball through Dec. 31, 2020.

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